Saturday, 24 May 2014

Zero Waste Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble

This morning as I was checking out what was in the fridge, in the process of writing a shopping list for next week, I came across some rhubarb I'd harvested from the allotment on my last visit a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, some of it was starting to go off, so I thought I'd better use it.  I re-washed it and cut off any 'off' bits and there was just enough to make a few small crumbles with.

Looking in the kitchen cupboards, I also found the remains of a stem ginger cake, that I'd got with my last Approved Food order.  It tasted very strongly of ginger and as a consequence no-one apart from me would eat it.  I ate as much as I could, but there was still about half of it left and by now it had gone completely stale.  I hung on to it, as I had an idea that if I whizzed it up in the blender to make cake crumbs, I could use it as a crumble topping.  I must admit that it was so hard I thought I was going to break the blade of my hand blender, but by doing it gradually bit by bit, I managed to make a nice crumbly mix.  I've seen ginger and rhubarb used together quite often in recipes, so I was interested to give it a try and see if I could make my small individual rhubarb crumbles a little more interesting. (I'm the only one who eats rhubarb too, so I make small individual crumbles with it).  In addition, I absolutely hate to waste anything, so I wanted to use it if I could.

Here's a picture of the crumbles before baking them for 20 minutes. 

The ginger cake gives them a much better colour than the usually pale coloured crumble mix, although I did mix in part of an opened packet that was also lurking in the cupboard.

After baking they looked like this.

The leftover ginger crumble mix was popped into the freezer for use at a later date, and for the record, they were extremely tasty, so I will definitely be making them again.


  1. I baked a bulk lot of rhubarb crumble for the freezer today and mixed in some porridge oats into the crumble topping. I, too, don't like to waste anything so I also batch baked some lasagne with veggie remnants and an out of date bolognaise sauce. I'm eating one of the batch tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll not get food poisoning!
    Love from Mum

    1. It's a great feeling not to let anything go to waste isn't it? I don't think I've poisoned anyone yet.

      I love that feeling when it gets to the end of the week and you can see that there's virtually nothing in the fridge, that you've not over-shopped and used everything up.

  2. Great using up recipe ! I've never poisoned anyone either !

  3. Great use of the cake, sounds yummy