Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend at Home

This Bank Holiday, which marked the beginning of Half Term for Little Bird, we stayed at home, which was fine by us.  We're quite happy pottering about at home of late, sometimes you can find yourself going out or going away just for the sake of it and not enjoying it as a consequence.  On the last Bank Holiday, we ventured out to a nearby forest to walk the dog, only to find that both large car parks were completely full and we couldn't get access, obviously everyone else had had the exact same idea.  No chance of that this Bank Holiday, as we didn't really go anywhere of note.

Little Bird had a sleepover at a friend's house on Saturday night, so OH and I got a rare and much appreciated grown up night out.  We ventured to the new Tapas restaurant that opened up down the road a week ago and OH had a belated Birthday treat.  The food was good.  I do love being able to try a bit of lots of small dishes, as opposed to eating one dish of the same food.

We then headed out to a music venue to listen to some live music, which made a lovely change.  This happens so rarely for us, as we don't have a babysitter or any family living nearby, so when it does, we really don't mind the expense and just savour the chance to go out together and do something grown up.

Sunday, and we were both a bit worse for wear after our night out.  I'd booked a class at the gym, but had to get up early so I could walk the dog before I went.  No rest for the wicked.  The afternoon passed by in a bit of a blur as I was busy in the garden taking out a couple of trees, hanging out washing and then visiting the allotment whilst Little Bird and OH went off to Swimming Club.  By Sunday night we were exhausted, but felt we'd had a productive day so it was a happy tiredness.

Monday, as it was raining for the main part of the day we were very happy to spend the day mostly at home, bar a couple of dog walks and Zumba/trampoline classes.  I spent some of the day doing some work and listing the odd unwanted item on eBay.   I also managed to finally get to the bottom of the ironing basket, whilst catching up with recorded TV programmes and then cooked us a roast dinner.   To round off our Bank Holiday weekend we made some popcorn and paid to view a great film on the digibox - The Butler.  It was really good. 

I am now looking forward to the Half Term week ahead, with most of the main jobs finally out of the way, I can spend some precious time with Little Bird and we can go off and do whatever we please.  I hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.


  1. I think you need and deserve a rest after all that lot.
    Love from Mum

    1. At least we can slow down for the rest of the week now. I'm looking forward to it.