Friday, 16 May 2014

Funny Old Friday

Friday was a funny day.  It started off normally enough.  The usual dog walk, a bit of blog reading and paperwork, and then I retired to the sewing room to do a bit of work on my double eiderdown/quilt.  In the process of this, I decided to start on a quick new project to use up some more fabric and scraps I had in the sewing room.  I needed another table runner for the living room, as the one currently in use needed washing and I had nothing to replace it with.

I knew I had lots of strips of fabrics left over from making some living room cushion covers and various other projects, so I decided to make a table runner from them.  I laid them out on the bed and then started sewing the strips together.  I didn't do them particularly neatly I might add, so it was a bit thrown together. 

Part way through OH dragged me off up the road to a café for lunch.  Working from home with no commuting costs or lunches to buy, he likes to treat himself to a lunch out once or twice a week and our high street has lots of new and interesting cafes opening every week it seems at the moment.

When we arrived at our choice of café, a lady informed us that she was recording a programme for Woman's Hour on Radio 4 and would we mind if our voices might appear on the programme.  Assuming it would just be background noise, we agreed and disappeared upstairs onto the roof terrace for lunch.  We both ordered a lovely salad, Horseradish potato salad with chorizo.  It was really interesting food, not a combination I'd ever tried before and we swiftly ate every morsel. 

The journalist from Radio 4 had by this time worked her way upstairs to the terrace and was interviewing a couple of mums and their children on the table next to us.  It was quite amusing as just at this point a group of secondary school kids who had gathered on the street below outside of a fast food outlet were cussing and cajoling each other in the way that teenagers do and making rather a lot of noise with their banter.

Unperturbed by the noise, the lady journalist carried on with her interview and eventually came over to our table and recorded a short conversation with us about the café, it is a café with an interesting community based concept at the heart of it and is situated in an old converted public toilet block.  I'm not sure we were interesting enough to be featured on the eventual broadcasting, but I'll be listening out next week for the broadcast, just to see if we avoided the sound cutting room floor.

Anyway, excitement over, we returned home via the bakery and the hardware store where OH bought us a couple of buns, a grapevine for the garden for only £6

and me a couple of pots of runner beans to put in at the allotment. (Mine didn't germinate).

Great value for £1 per pot, with 10 or 12 plants in each.  I'm looking forward to planting the grapevine as I've not grown one before and it's a black grape variety, which are my favourite type.  I'm hoping it will climb up or along the new fence in the garden and possibly over the small shed.  We'll see. 

Once home, I ventured back up to the sewing room and finished the table runner.  It's not the best example of a well finished article, but looks quite nice in situ and did use up lots of leftover bits of fabric, so I'm not too disappointed with it.


  1. How cool, I sometimes catch Woman's Hour - I will listen out for you :)

  2. I think your table runner looks great :)

    1. Thank you. It always feels more satisfying when you use up bits and pieces that might not otherwise get used.

  3. That is a lovely runner - I love it when you have a really satisfying day - whether it is from a trip out or getting something finished and to have a satisfying day from accomplishing both is even better. My Friday proved to be similar ending with a trip out for afternoon tea at a local vintage cafe in a classic car garage called the Oil Can which I will be posting about on my blog as it is such an unusual place and a very nice tea. Hope you make it onto the radio - I will listen out.