Thursday, 29 May 2014

£100 A Year Beauty Challenge - Month 11

I don't know what happened this month, but I got a bit carried away, perhaps because the end is in sight.  One month to go until this challenge is over and I'm looking forward to it and possibly a subsequent binge at Boots.  (Only joking!)

I spent the rather large sum of £13.61 this month, which was way above the monthly budget of around £8 and used up virtually the whole of the rest of the budget for the year, as last month I had a total of £16.44 left to last the final two months.  This takes the total spent so far this year to £97.17/£100, leaving just £2.83 to last me the final month.  It'll be a close run thing.  I'm hoping that no unexpected purchases arise or I'm in trouble.

Expenditure this month was on the following:

Shampoo x 2 - £4.76  -  I didn't start using the first bottle until part way through the month, as I was still using up hotel freebies, but it was being used by the rest of the household.  It's now virtually empty, so I bought another bottle the other day, whilst it was half price in Tesco, as it will definitely be needed next month. 

Blemish Stick - £3.99 - My blemish stick was virtually run down this month, so I purchased a new one in readiness for when it ran out which it did the other day.  Usually, I buy 3 for the price of two when there's an offer on in Boots or I buy them with my Boots points so they don't actually cost me anything, but as I didn't have enough points and the budget wouldn't stretch to buying more than one, it seemed an expensive option.

Johnson's Facial Day Fluid - £1.49 - I bought this as part of my order from Approved Food in readiness for when my current Johnson's moisturiser runs out, (possibly within the next month), so it was a case of stockpiling again, which was a bit naughty really, but hard to resist.

Nivea Facial Foam Wash - 99p -  I did the same with this item, bought from Approved Food to use when my current bottle runs out, but to be honest this won't get used within the challenge, as I am currently using a facial bar I got free from a hotel in the US, which seems to be lasting ages and I still have 3/4 of a bottle of another facial wash to use, so I definitely could have saved my money here, but it seemed a bargain so I indulged.

Hairspray - 70p -  Ran out of this, so had no option but to buy some more.  Unfortunately, the can I purchased has a really unpleasant smell.  I thought about taking it back to ASDA as I've never had this problem before, but to be honest I just can't be bothered, so I'm using it anyway and hoping no-one notices.

Madame Glamour 'Suddenly' Perfume - £1.99 - This item is one that I've been wanting to treat myself to for quite a while now and it came on half price offer one weekend at Lidl, so I bought my end of challenge treat a little early.  There's been lots of media hype about this perfume, which was supposed to smell and last like a Chanel perfume, but I should perhaps have tried the scent on first, only there didn't seem to be a tester, as when I got it home I wasn't at all keen on the smell of it on me.  I'm using it for now on a daily basis, but as soon as it's finished, it will be back to the real Chanel for me I'm afraid.

Cotton Pads - 49p - Ran out of these everyday essentials this month, so needed to restock.  I should now have enough to see me through the rest of this challenge.

As far as the rest of the challenge goes, I'm still working my way through a few freebie hotel conditioners and various other samples that I have and there is still quite a bit left in my stash (partly because I've bought things whilst on the challenge that I haven't used yet).  I'll be posting a final photo of what's left next month when I do a final post.  Wish me luck lasting the month on £2.83.  I should hopefully be able to do it, as I'm stocked up on most things that I use regularly, but I will still need to be careful.

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