Friday, 16 May 2014

K is for ........Kitchen Table

This is the view from my kitchen table. 

I seem to spend many hours sat here these days, working online, doing paperwork, eating, drinking, daydreaming, reading and writing blog posts.  It's not a bad view as views go.  Could be a lot worse, no view at all.

Yesterday was glorious.  The sun shone, the sky was blue, the whites were out on the line being bleached by the sun's rays.  The only trouble was that most of the jobs I had to do involved being inside.  Typical. 

I did, however, relish the moments I was able to feel the heat on my face, as I hung out and gathered in the washing or strolled to the post box, and I looked forward to an afternoon dog walk for a change.  OH had done my morning stint, whilst I had gone back to bed for an hour, following two nights of very little sleep.  I think the ironing might have to wait until another day.  It seems sacrilegious to spend such glorious weather sweating over a hot iron.

Little Bird finished her final SATS test yesterday.  It had been a week of her going off to school early to spend time in the breakfast club with her friends, before her tests started each day.  Breakfast was varied and plentiful by all accounts and supplied free by the school to help the Year 6 children with concentration during the tests.  A great idea I thought. 

We've been very proud of her attitude of late.  She has, of her own accord, been revising in the weeks leading up to the tests, by practising on past papers.  She has really taken responsibility for her learning and it has been lovely to see.  She really deserves to do well, whatever the actual outcome.  Whilst we are proud of her self discipline, we are also slightly regretful that at such a tender age she is having to sit these tests, but that isn't something we have much control over and I guess it is good experience for her future in secondary school.  The pressure starts ever younger these days.

I managed to catch up on quite few jobs yesterday, mainly paperwork and financial stuff.  I've let quite a few things slip over the last week or two and really needed to get stuck in and do some catching up.

Today, it looks like it's going to be more of the same.  Yippee.  Restored by a good night's sleep I'm off on my usual dog walk this morning.  Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!

Joining in with Mum from Mum's Simply Living in blogging utilising the alphabet backwards.


  1. That is a lovley view - sunshine, pots of green,. and washing on the line ... a good sight.

    1. Maybe that's why I spend so long sat here!