Sunday, 18 May 2014

Project 52 - Week 20 - Footstool Makeover

Mrs Womble Strikes Again!

The other week whilst out walking the dog, just as I was on the homeward stretch, I came across this item that someone had thrown out.  I recognised it as the frame from an IKEA footstool. (Please excuse the state of the kitchen floor, it needs re-sanding and varnishing!)

It was minus it's cushion, a bit dirty and looked like it had been used as a coffee table, but was sound in terms of it's structure.  Not put off by it's current state, I decided to take it home with me as I intended to give it a makeover.  OH had been suggesting for a while that we could do with a foot rest in the living room and this fitted the bill perfectly, with a bit of elbow grease cleaning, painting it and making a cushion for it.

As soon as I got home out came the latex gloves, bleach and disinfectant and I gave it a good brush down with an old nail brush.  It came up quite nice. 

Over the next few days, I gave it a quick sanding over, painted it with the grey paint I used for the blanket box, devised a foot cushion out of an old pillow and some vintage fabric, to match some of my sofa cushions, and then sewed some Velcro to the back of the cushion.  The Velcro was the only item I had to purchase for this makeover and was just £1 for far more than I needed from the market.  Here's the finished result. 

One revamped footstool.  If I can find some foam at a later date, I may make a more structured cushion for it, but for now this pillow will suffice and we can put our feet up at the end of a busy and tiring day.  I had to test it out, of course. 

(Please excuse the mud splattered jeans - the result of a dog walk!)

Joining in with Dreamer at Living a Slow and Simple Life in completing one task a week for a year.


  1. Great transformation! I love seeing things brought back into use :)

    1. Thank you. Me too, I often can't resist it, but sometimes I just have too or we'd be overrun.

  2. Love the fabric, great job!