Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Another Useful Find

Walking the dog the other morning, it teemed with rain from the minute I got to the end of the street to the minute I came back.  By way of compensation, as I was just coming back down our street I saw these shoe storage racks, left outside one of the houses down the road.  As I only had 100 yards to go, I thought I'd take them home with me and see if I could make use of them.

Now I know I'm always saying that our house is already too full, but I have a bit of  shoe problem in the bottom of my wardrobe, in that I've got too many shoes/sandals and not enough room for them.

Get rid of some, I hear you say, and yes, I probably should, but some I just can't seem to part with, as they've served me so well and I always think I might still wear them on the odd occasion.  Anyway, when I saw these I thought they might be a solution to my current problem, which is shoes piled on top of one another in the bottom of the wardrobe, flattening each other.

I promised myself that I would try these and if they didn't work as a solution, I would put them back outside for someone else to take or take them to the charity shop.

They were in good clean condition, so I didn't have to do anything with them and I took them straight up to my bedroom, where I proceeded to sort through and rearrange all the shoes in my wardrobe.  I tried a few different ways of using them, but ended up with this solution as it worked the best for me and to be honest looked the neatest solution.

I made sure that the shoes I wear the very least are the ones tucked away on the rack at the bottom of the wardrobe as these are hardest to access and the shoes I wear most are to the front and on the top rack.  I'm pretty pleased with the result as it means my shoes will now be better cared for and not just thrown in the bottom of the wardrobe when I take them off and yes, there are still a couple of pairs stacked on top of one another, but these are just my trainers and they get bashed about enough at the gym anyway.  Another frugal solution to make everyday life easier and better organised.  Mrs Receptacle strikes again!


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    1. Thanks. They're looking a bit scruffy now, but I wear these all the time as when I need a splash of colour and they are so easy to slip on and off.

  2. I think it always feels good to find a useful new organising tool and even better when you are able to reuse something to solve a problem area. Having everything accessible does help to make sure everything is used.
    One of my problems at the moment is finding somewhere for my handbags that is big enough to hold all of them at once. I am working on it!

  3. Good luck finding a solution. I find one often comes to me when I least expect it. I find Pinterest is often a good place to get inspiration for storage ideas too.

  4. Looks good. shoes are always difficult to display in the shop !

    1. It would probably look better and be clearer with regard to what is where if I could have displayed them with shoe uppers facing out, but there wasn't enough room in the middle to do this, unfortunately.