Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tuesday Out and About

Tuesday, as I was more or less up to date on household chores and work, I decided to take myself out and buy some necessary stock for my business, so I headed up to a local high street a few miles away to visit the many fabric shops there.

There's always a market down this particular street on a Tuesday and I like to have a good mooch around.  One favourite stall sells new books at £1 for paperbacks and £2 for hard backs, so I couldn't help having a look and found this book, which I bought for OH to give me for Christmas as it sounded quite an interesting read and a little more serious than my usual chick lit. 

I also bought a book for OH for Christmas, which  I think he might find interesting, again just £1 and brand new.

Not wanting to abandon chick lit, as I do enjoy it, I also found these two books in the charity shop which I can never resist having a look in.  One is by the same author as the book I have just finished reading and really enjoyed, which is why I couldn't ignore it.  I've now got two by this author waiting to be read, both on a wintry or Christmassy theme.  I think I need to start a new challenge,  not to buy any more books for as long as possible, as my to read piles are ridiculously high.  It can't go on, they're going to start toppling over soon.  I guess there are worse habits to have than reading.

Anyway, later today, I had to take Little Bird for her swimming lesson and decided to pop down to Primark in the town centre.  I was looking for yet another pair of supersoft skinnies, in purple this time.  Last pair I promise.  At £8 per pair they are exceptional for the money and are super on and wash well.  I can't help myself if I find an item of clothing that works for me, I often have to buy it in different colours.  In the end they didn't have the colour I wanted in that branch.  I'd had a pair in my hand on Saturday at the big mall, but the queue was so horrendous I left them, so I'll have to head back there sometime.

Instead, I did treat myself to some new socks after reading a post on Just a Little Less the other day, about having enough of the basics in your wardrobe.  I've been throwing quite a few socks out lately as they had holes in them and I wanted some warmer pairs for the cold weather we're now having, a few pairs to coordinate with my skinnies and more trainer socks for the gym. Don't you just love new socks?  I do.  I especially love the colour of the ones in this pack.

Of course I couldn't resist throwing in a couple of small pressies for Little Bird (birthday and Christmas), one of which I've been intending to get for a while and a couple of other bits for me, which I'm going to get OH to give me for Xmas too.

I also bought myself a new, very inexpensive shopping bag, because I really liked the autumnal colour (it's dark maroon).  My more summery red one that I bought earlier in the year is looking a bit worse for wear now, although I still do use it.  

It would, of course, have been much cheaper to just go and watch Little Bird swim.  I think I'll just do that in future.

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