Monday, 18 November 2013

This Sunday I ....

....didn't get to my usual aerobics class as I didn't book it early enough and it was full - Sob!

....took the dog for a walk in the morning and came across several drunken revellers from the night before.

....emptied the ironing basket.

.....caught up on some work.

.....put all the washing and ironing away.

......put a woolly blanket on our bed now the weather has turned colder.

.....wrote my shopping list for tomorrow and my to do list for the week.

.....cooked a roast for supper.

.....wrote almost all of my Christmas cards. (Yippee, not my favourite job)

.....sat in front of a lovely open fire, watched the Strictly dance off and started a new project, a Christmas Rag Wreath, from scraps of Christmas fabric and a coat hanger.

.....didn't spend a penny.  (Hooray!)

.....felt ready to start a new week. (This is rare!)

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