Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sweeping Away the Soot and the Cobwebs

Yesterday, whilst I was out enjoying myself at the Ideal Home Show, OH had arranged for the chimney sweep to come and clean out both of our chimneys as we are hoping to get a stove heater fitted in the dining room before Christmas, that is if we can find someone certified to fit it that isn't fully booked up until the New Year!

This matter was long overdue.  I'm not proud to admit that we don't get it done religiously every year.  I think we may though after this visit as the sweep commented that he was surprised we hadn't had a chimney fire as there was so much soot up there.  A bit worrying.

Anyway, thankfully it has now been done and we can now safely have a lovely roaring open fire of an evening.

In preparing for the chimney sweep's visit I had removed everything from the mantle piece and from the chimney alcove in the dining room to make life easier for him.  Today when I went into the rooms, it looked wonderfully restful on the eye not to see lots of things on the mantle piece cluttering it up, so I'm thinking of having a bit of a sort out and only putting the bare minimum back.  Not only is it more restful on the eye it also means less dusting too, which is all good in my book.

Now the chimneys have been swept, it seemed a good opportunity to give both rooms a good clean up so that they will be ready to start decorating for Christmas in a few weeks time.   I might even make some new cushion covers and a table runner in the next few weeks if I can get my act together, and have a bit of a change as I have some fabric that would be perfect.  I'll keep you posted if I do get around to making them.


  1. We have our chimney swept twice a year - sometimes 3. Rayburn is multi-fuel and logs do show a lot of waste - still house is nice and warm xxx

    1. I think when we get our stove fitted we'll have to get it cleaned more often too, for safety, but ours is actually a coal fired stove as opposed to wood burning.