Saturday, 16 November 2013

All Guns Blazing

This Friday I passed an enjoyable day at home, not spending money and more importantly catching up on jobs, work and various craft projects I'd been meaning to finish for a while. 

I decided to get out my new hot glue gun (only six months after buying it!) and actually use it. Technology is not by biggest strength and I had bought this with a couple of projects in mind, but since it's arrival I had been a little bit scared to use it.  I don't know if it was the combination of heat and glue, but I needed to be in the right frame of mind to get to grips with it.  Well, Friday I was, and I'm very pleased that I did.

My hot glue gun and I are now good friends and I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it can make some jobs and how quickly and effectively it sticks things together.

I used it to complete the transformation I'd done on a couple ottomans that I had reupholstered and recovered with fabric.  All I had left to do was to just glue on some braid around the edge.  I started by pinning the braid in place and then went around with the glue gun squirting the glue underneath the braid removing the pins as I went.  It worked a treat, so I now have two completed ottomans, which I am very pleased with and have crossed another item off my to do list that has been on it for months now, which makes me feel very happy and that I am making progress, if somewhat slowly.


I will say, however, that for some jobs, namely where you have to apply the glue all around or over a surface before adding whatever it is you want to stick to it, I didn't find the hot glue gun worked so well as it had started to cool and solidify before I'd even put the two surfaces together, but for ribbons and braiding and small additions I found it to be perfect.

Meet my new BFF (Best friend forever), I'm hoping to use it a lot more in the future.

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  1. Ha Ha ! Well done - I think I'd get into a right sticky mess with that !