Monday, 25 November 2013

A Bit of Bookish Inspiration

Whilst out and about on Friday I decided to pop into our local Central Library as I was in the vicinity.  I haven't been to the library for a good few months, probably since before our holiday in August so it felt good to go back in there.  I was looking for some crafting books to give me a bit of inspiration; knitting, sewing, the usual things.  I picked up a few good crafting books.  This one by Liberty, in which there was the odd project that appealed.  It's a nice book  with some lovely fabrics in it.

I also got another one by Lisa Stickley, which would be absolutely great for a beginner or anyone like me who likes straightforward, no nonsense ideas without too many complicated features.   It is one of the best simple sewing books I have read to date and I would really like this book in my collection.  I may even put it on my Christmas list.  I really like quite a few of the projects in here and am thinking of attempting some of them. 

The final craft book was this delicious Knitting for Dogs book.  I took it out as I was looking for a reasonably simple knitting book as my knitting skills are very limited and I have lots of wool to use up.  I thought I might have a go at making something for our puppy.  Luckily she's quite small so it shouldn't be too difficult and this book had a basic shape for a knitted dog sweater I could follow.  It also had lots of other ideas for doggy saddle bags, leg warmers, capes, doggy toys, etc.  I couldn't resist it.  When I got it home and took a closer look I realised that it had been written by a writer who lives in La Jolla, California,  a place we visited on our US road trip this summer.  This only served to endear me to this book even more.  

Anyway, the same night I started on a little sweater for our dog.  It's going to be a stripey affair in browns so that it isn't too conspicuous as OH doesn't really like the idea of dog coats and sweaters.  Maybe I'll just use it on my walks with her, if she'll wear it that is.  I'll post when I get a bit further on, but please don't expect anything grand or accomplished, as when I say my knitting skills are limited I do mean it.

I did also borrow a couple of other books.  This one is a modern version of Dicken's Christmas Carol, set in Chicago in the US and about a miserly futures trader who has visitations on Christmas Eve.  It's not a particularly long book, so you could probably read it in an evening.  The writer is a best selling author of several novels which have all been made into Hollywood movies and co-authored a book which inspired the movie The Day After Tomorrow.  I started reading it on Saturday evening and once I got going I could barely put it down, finishing it the next morning.  There's something so dark, yet compelling about this morality tale that touches a nerve.  It has a way of making you examine your own life and consider if there's anything you can do to make life a little better for others.  It's a good short seasonal read and I would definitely recommend it. 

On a bit of a lighter note the final book I borrowed is this book by Harry Wallop, who I've seen presenting programmes on TV before and whose journalistic style I enjoy.  It looked like an interesting read. 

I think I will probably have to renew it a few times before I finish it, but we'll see.  I do love going to the library, there's something so satisfying about having access to so many interesting and lovely books.