Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas is Coming....

I know it's only 6th November and there's still 7 weeks to go, but now we've got beyond Bonfire Night it is officially the run in to Christmas, in our household anyway.  I'm starting to get a bit excited which was exacerbated by searching Pinterest for Christmas ideas yesterday.  I had to physically take myself off the site, as I could just feel the excitement welling up and it was all too much.  I saw some great ideas on there for cakes, biscuits, decorations, and some really cute nail designs for Little Bird. 

Talking of Little Bird, I started to do a bit more work on her quilt yesterday.  In the afternoon after my usual Tuesday catch up, I snook up to the sewing room and sewed the back and front of the quilt to the wadding I bought the other day, and then trimmed all around the edges.  It's going to be really pretty.  I think she'll like it.  I didn't even break any sewing machine needles this time, but I've probably now just tempted fate for when I go back and complete it.  I can't wait to do a reveal when it is finished.

I've just picked up a couple of parcels from the Post Office depot, both are presents I ordered for Little Bird from eBay and I'm really pleased with the both of them.  I think she will be too.  One of them I may save for her birthday.

I've been giving some thought to my Christmas dining table runner and saw a few ideas I liked on Pinterest for that too.  I've made a very small start by cutting out some shapes in paper and fabric to hand sew together to make parts of the runner.  I'm going to try to use up lots of different Christmas fabric scraps that I have in the making of it, which is always very satisfying as I hate throwing even the tiniest bit of fabric away.

Thinking about Christmas, I've decided to include a few Christmassy foods in my donation to the food bank this month.  I had a couple of nut and alcohol free small Christmas puddings which I'd bought for OH and I for Xmas dinner, (Little Bird doesn't like it) but now we're having guests I will need a much bigger pudding, so I've included them in this month's box and next month I'm going to put a few more festive things in there too.  Maybe some mincemeat and pastry mix, a trifle making kit or a few chocolates.  Everybody needs a treat now and again, especially at Christmas.

How are your Christmas plans coming along? Is anyone else out there getting excited, getting on with Christmas shopping or just getting stressed by the thought of it?


  1. You are prepping well. We used to get a hamper & a few bottles from the owners of the boats husband manages - but some have sold their boats since ! Was wonderful opening the hamper every year.

    1. What a lovely gift. I bet you got some lovely luxury products in there, which is a nice treat. I've made up hampers as gifts before, but not for a few years.

      OH gets an occasional bottle of whisky from a contractor or client, but I don't drink it. It makes him feel appreciated though which is a good thing.

    2. Husband gets a lovely bottle of malt whisky ( I don't drink it either ! )
      He likes Mountgay Rum but people keep giving him black or spiced rum as gifts ... Jess makes rum cookies with it !
      In the summer he was given a bottle of Tequila to add to another unopened one ... neither of us drink that !

    3. OH likes the single malt too but he will drink blended if push comes to shove.

      The only spirit that never gets drunk in our house is a bottle of Advocaat I bought the other year as I fancied a snowball. When I'd made it I didn't really like it. Maybe the bar person in me needs a bit of re-training.