Friday, 8 November 2013

Charity Shop Tales 12

I was thinking the other day that I hadn't visited a charity shop for a good while, almost two months to be exact, which must be a record for me, in the last few years anyway.  The closest I seem to get these days is looking in the window of the RSPCA shop when I walk the dog, or a trip to the local hospice jumble sale.  I might have known that thinking about it would lead me to another visit and sure enough yesterday when out and about doing a few errands, I did venture into one of my favourite local charity shops and have a little look.

I must admit that I didn't just look and did end up buying a few bits, but only a few, which is just as well in No Nonsense November. What I did buy were some books.  I got these two by an author new to me which looked just up my street. 

I also got this book by India Knight.  I've read one of her books before and enjoyed it and have another I'm hoping to read before Christmas.   I like her style of writing.   The other is another writer I've never read before, but I liked the idea of the knitting theme to this one. 

The stack by my bed gets ever higher, but at only 80p or less per book, well worth it and it all goes to a good cause.


  1. I worked extra at the shop today as my friend was ill. I came home with a lovely butter dish & had a lovely afternoon too. Back for more tomorrow !

    1. You are very generous with your time Penny. I do admire you.

    2. I enjoy it mostly ( not when we are inundated with car loads of donations with little space to sort it all out ) I don't really have a " proper job " unless husband needs me to valet a boat so I have a lot of time. I met some lovely people yesterday & showed a new volunteer the ropes & had a nice chat with a charming favourite elderly customer ( some are not so charming ! )