Monday, 4 November 2013

Holiday En France - Part 4

(Last post of our little holiday in France - I forgot to post it last week.)

Day 4, our last day in France and we got up early, packed and tidied around the apartment before heading off towards Boulogne and the Auchan hypermarket where we always like to do a big shop when we visit France.  The weather was a bit blustery again, so we spent the morning doing our shop and came away with all the beer, wine and spirits we needed to last us over the festive period and hopefully beyond.

We did notice that the prices in France have increased since our last visit and there were fewer lower priced wines available than on our previous visit.  In addition, the exchange rate we were given by the Post Office here, was very poor compared to previous visits which made it even more expensive.  I think I would have got a better rate had I used my credit card for purchases as opposed to cash.  I can only imagine that the French, like us, are also experiencing food and drink price rises in the current economic climate.

Anyway, we got everything that we wanted.  I bought some Cassis which I have been looking for for a while now but had only seen in M&S in the UK for twice the price.  I'm hoping to use it for Kir Royales at Christmas.

A few extras were thrown into the trolley, including a couple of Christmas gifts and the odd little treat for me such as these pretty tapes which cost 3 euros for the 5.

I found a 1kg bag of French sea salt for the amazing price of 75 cents which is far cheaper than you can buy this in the UK.  I use it quite a lot when roasting meat, potato wedges and vegetables in the oven.  It should probably keep me going for a while anyhow.

As we were travelling home the same day, I also bought quite a few French yoghurts in their lovely little glass and ceramic pots.  The clay pots were painted a really pretty blue. 

You do pay a premium for these, but you do get the pleasure of both eating the contents and reusing the pots.  The glass pots are particularly good for holding tea lights. 

I also saved the pots from the ones we used whilst away, as well as buying a few to bring home.

All shopped out, we headed a couple of miles away to the Monument du Grand Guerre,

which is a monument to Napoleon Bonepart and the Great War.  Here's the man himself.

OH was hoping to climb the column, but it wasn't open unfortunately.  Instead we parked up and ate our lunch of leftover ham, cheese, saucisson with French bread and took the dog for a little walk down this avenue of trees.

From here, we resumed our journey to Calais and  headed back to the Channel Tunnel to return home to the UK.


  1. Replies
    1. I just love French supermarkets. They sell such lovely things. I can spend ages in the yoghurt section alone - soo much choice. I think if we go again I'm definitely going to bring more food products back with me next time.

  2. The little pots are great. I've even brought glass water bottles home from Menorca - they were blue & decorative. Good holiday mementoes.

    1. Yes, I like the artisan lemonade bottles you can get. I'm going to use my little blue pots for crème brulee and egg custards.