Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Busy Saturday

For a change this Saturday was quite a busy one.  It started with a dog walk accompanied by Little Bird, followed by a trip to the local shops to get a few groceries and a big bulky newspaper to last the weekend, followed by lunch.

In the afternoon I took Little Bird to get her hair trimmed as it was looking a bit untidy.  I went to a local high street that I normally only go to during the week when it is a lot quieter and there is a lot less traffic.  It was traffic gridlock as we approached the high street and it's market and we were queuing to even get into the car park, with lots of horn blowing as you couldn't even progress around the car park because it was blocked by traffic trying to leave. I got a shock reminder of why I never ordinarily go to this place on a Saturday.

On this occasion I didn't have a lot of choice, as I desperately needed some fabric for my business that I could only get from one of the shops there and as I'd sold it and then found I didn't have enough, it was a bit of an emergency.  Luckily, they had just one piece of the fabric in question left which was just big enough for me to complete the order, which was a great relief, as I hate to disappoint anyone and am not usually so disorganised as to run out and be caught short.  Crisis averted we proceeded to the hairdressers.  Little Bird had recently cut a chunk out of her hair when it got into a bit of a knot.  It couldn't quite be completely disguised, but the hairdresser did a good job of her trim, which is not always the case with long straight hair in my experience.

I also managed to buy some more wadding and fabric for binding Little Bird's quilt.  I think she guessed I was making something for her when I bought purple fabric.  Never mind, I think she'll like it.

When we got back to the car we had to queue again to get out of the car park and by now there were two policemen directing the traffic out of the car park, as the situation must have got so bad that they had been drafted in.  Even once out of the car park, traffic on the roads was gridlocked all around and I had to take a wide detour to finally get home.  I definitely won't be returning to that particular market on a Saturday EVER again, unless absolutely desperate.

It was good to get back home when we eventually did.   Little Bird made me a yummy milky coffee which was a lovely treat that I haven't had in an age.  It always reminds me of a little café I used to volunteer at in my lunch hours when I was working, that sold them.  You can't beat a lovely milky skin on your coffee.  Not everybody's cup of tea I imagine, but I love it.

It was bliss after such a busy and stressful day to relax and watch Strictly whilst doing a bit of hand sewing on my patchwork lap quilt.   It's coming along, slowly.  Interim reveal to follow, possibly in the next couple of days.


  1. Our town was strangely busy on Saturday too - the supermarket was heaving !
    What did you make ? Would love to know.
    How nice to be made a coffee - I used to like letting the milk skim over too ! I do like a milky coffee & seem to need it weaker & weaker these days but like my tea strong - I can't STAND milky tea !

  2. Do you have a link to your business? Am looking for some Christmas pressies.

    1. I have a small shop on Etsy but sell mostly on eBay at the moment. I don't actually make anything as such that can be given as a present. I tend to sell craft supplies for people who want to make things themselves.

  3. Oooooooooooooooh! Can you e-mail me a link - really keen.
    My e-mail is xxx