Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Big Pre-Christmas Clean Up

Following on from last week's post about getting the chimney swept, I got down to work and gave the living room and dining room a jolly good old clean.  I hadn't moved the sofa for a number of months and was quite ashamed at the dirt and dust that had gathered under there.

I was pleased with myself because this time I did the job properly, with a bowl of soapy/disinfected water and a cloth, as opposed to my usual lazy housekeeping ways of using multi-surface wipes. This method was also a lot cheaper too and much more eco friendly.  The cloth did get pretty black by the time I'd finished, especially after cleaning around the fireplace, but was soon remedied by soaking it in bleach and at least I felt I'd done a thorough job and got rid of any lurking dust and dust balls.  It feels so nice now to have done it.

At the same time as I was pulling out furniture and cleaning behind and underneath it, I decided to have a bit of a change around, moving some furniture into the back room and other pieces into the front room in readiness for our guests coming at Christmas, to give us a bit more room to accommodate them and the Christmas tree, so another job was done in readiness for the festive season

I do still need to do a few bits and pieces such as clean the inside of the windows and get the glass globe light shades down and wash them, but as we don't have a stepladder at the moment I thought I would leave these jobs until another day.   I will also need to give the rooms another quick once over before the decorations finally go up, but deep clean done, a big tick off the to do list and I'm a happy bunny.


  1. Replies
    1. It feels good to get it done but doesn't stay tidy for long unfortunately.

  2. We finished the decorating upstairs - carpets fit today so now need to start cleaning!

    1. It's always so exciting when you finish the decorating and reclaim your space. We need to redo lots of our house now as it's looking very tired in places. Not sure when we'll do it. Look forward to your reveal if you're planning one.