Sunday, 24 November 2013

Boot Renovation

I have a pair of black leather knee high Clark's boots that were bought for me for my birthday a few years ago by OH.  I've worn them quite a lot over the last few years, but recently have been thinking about getting another pair and they have been relegated to being worn for dog walking.  As a consequence, they're a bit muddy, covered in grass from walking over the marshes and to be honest haven't had a good polish in I don't know how long.  Here's a rather embarrassing photo, no holds barred.

I'd been keeping an eye out for a new pair, but so far hadn't really seen any I particularly liked.  Whilst stopped at some traffic lights the other day, I was watching a number of women walk across the crossing in front of me wearing black leather boots, when it occurred to me that one pair of black knee high boots looks very much like another and although mine aren't 'current' season, there's nothing particularly wrong with them, apart from being a bit grubby.  They're a lovely snug fit and with calves like mine it can be difficult to find a pair to fit well, plus they have plenty of wear left in them yet, so it seemed a shame not to take better care of them.   I can remember as a child polishing my shoes for school every Sunday night.  I don't know when I got out of the habit of looking after my shoes, but I did.

With this in mind, I decided to give them a good clean and polish.  Out came the rags, brushes, dusters and polish and I set to with a bit of elbow grease.  Firstly I gave them a wash down with soapy water and then rinsed them gently under a warm tap.  Once they'd dried, I slathered on some good old black Dales Dubbin boot polish I'd bought from Approved Foods.   I think I got 5 or 6 tins for 99p or something ridiculous.  I even gave a few tins away to the Food Bank a few months ago as I had so many and thought they might be useful to someone.  (They do take non food items, just in case you were wondering).   It said on the tin that it softened and waterproofed leather which was perfect.  I then brushed them with a hard shoe brush, followed up by brushing with a soft brush and this is how they turned out. 

I was pretty pleased with the result.  They look much more presentable and if I make them last this winter or maybe even a couple more winters, that's at least £100 saved that I might otherwise have spent on a new pair. I may still wear them to walk the dog, but I think I might start taking a bit more care of them from now on.


  1. They look really great ! I had my black boots re -soled & the man polished them for me as they were so dull !

  2. I love taking things to the cobblers. It feels like you've got a new pair when you get them back. Unfortunately it isn't that cheap these days, but for good quality shoes or boots or a pair I really like, it's definitely worth it to keep them a little longer.