Wednesday, 27 November 2013

£100 Per Year Beauty Challenge - Month 5

Five months gone and I can't quite believe that I'm almost half way through this challenge already.  It's a great challenge and I'm really enjoying it.  Thanks El, from A Thrifty Mrs blog for inventing it and inspiring me.  It wouldn't suit everybody to spend less than £100 in a year on all beauty products and toiletries, but as I'm not a great wearer of make up, save for lipstick and nail varnish, and thanks to the fact that I had a whole stash of toiletries and other beauty products that needed using up before I started, it is suiting me well.  The stash is going down very slowly but just to give you some idea of how much I still need to use I've gathered it all together again and taken a few more photos.

In this photo it is mainly soap, dental care and hair conditioner plus lots of hotel room travel sized toiletries or samples from magazines I've picked up.

This photo includes a virtual mountain of hand, foot, blemish, eye and face creams, hand sanitisers, a couple of facial washes and deodourants and some pocket wipes.  So as you can see I've a long way to go to use these up and hence why this challenge hasn't been too bad thus far.

This month has been another one where I've come in under budget.  I have spent exactly £6.48 out of  a possible £8.33.  So, in total over the 5 months I have spent £40.79/£100.

This month's expenditure was on the following:

1 - 750ml Dettol Hand Wash Refill £1.49 - For use in the kitchen mainly, as I use bars of soap in the bathroom.  I hadn't run out completely, but saw this on sale on Approved Foods site and added it on to my order.

2 - 4 x 100ml Crest Toothpaste £3 - I had just about completely run out of my stash of toothpaste so when this came up on Approved Food I bought a few tubes to keep us going for a while.

3 - Very Berry Nail Varnish £1.99 - This was a treat I bought myself from Lidl to match the lipstick I bought last month and wear regularly.

So a pretty good month, but I have a feeling that next month might be a bit more expensive as I have noticed that the shampoo is going down fast, I'm using up handbag hairsprays before buying another full sized one, I'm almost out of  cotton pads and need small handbag packs of tissues and may need more blemish sticks, so a bit of restocking in a few areas is required. Having said that, I've just found another almost unused blemish stick and handbag hairspray in my spare makeup bag, so I may be able to eek those out which may help keep expenditure down.  I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Hello fellow pink grapefruit scent lover!

    Well done on your challenge, I don't think I could do it although I need to reassess my beauty and toiletry stocks this month in readiness for the new year.


  2. Hi, Victoria, Thanks for stopping by. I think your blog readers would miss your great beauty posts if you did.