Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Great Little Winter Project

Sunday afternoon and I was sat at the kitchen table leisurely reading my way through the weekend broadsheet and it's Sunday supplements and came across an article by Joanna Gosling on the subject of simple home-crafted decorations and gifts taken from her book 'Home Made Simple' published by Kyle Books.   On perusing the article, there were some lovely ideas and also there was a great knitting pattern for some fingerless wrist warmers.  It was just the sort of pattern I've been looking for for a while now. 

The same day I decided to give it a go and found the pattern to be incredibly simple.  It was my kind of knitting pattern.  It was supposed to be done in moss stitch, i.e. knit one purl one, but I forgot how to purl and didn't want to go upstairs and get my book to remind myself, so I just knitted it.  It seemed to work quite well though.   The only trouble was I didn't have enough wool to make a second one so had to unravel the first and start again on a pair for Little Bird using some chunky pale purple wool I had.  I altered the pattern slightly by casting on less stitches, as she has smaller hands.   This pair worked out pretty well though, fitted okay and luckily I did have enough wool this time.  Here's a picture of the finished wrist warmers modelled by Little Bird. 

  To be honest, they could do with being a little longer, but I can bear that in mind for the next time I make some, but they are roomy enough so that she can wear a pair of fingered gloves underneath on really cold days.  They took a couple of hours to make whilst watching TV which wasn't a hardship, so they are a great little winter project.  If you are a better knitter than I and could use cable stitch or moss stitch, you could probably get a much better result too.

I'm pretty pleased with them though and can't wait to find some lovely chunky grey wool to make some for myself.  I might even be tempted to make a few for kid's Christmas stocking fillers if I get the time.  I may put this book on my Christmas list too as I like the simplicity of the ideas in it.


  1. These are all the rage at the moment especially home knitted ones. I always think my finger tips would get cold but as you say, they could go over gloves.

    1. I have a couple of pairs of these already that I do wear with gloves underneath. They're pretty good on their own for driving in too as you can grip the steering wheel unlike with fingered gloves.