Sunday, 23 February 2014

Project 52 - Week 8/Make Something Every Month 2014 - February - Knitting a New Snood

I'm running a bit late today on account of travelling back home to London from Yorkshire and wanting to photograph this project when I got home. This is a relatively new project, not on my existing to do list, on account of the fact that I only bought the wool for this a few weeks ago.  I chose to do it this week as it was something I could take away with me to Yorkshire and complete whilst we were away from home. 

I do like a nice snood and have quite a few, but they are mostly made of jersey and really only for use in warmer weather.  I like the fact that they stay put around your neck and don't choke you or unravel, but just add a bit of interest to an outfit.  In cold weather they are perfect for keeping out the chills and snuggling into on a freezing cold day.  As soon as I saw this wool I wanted to make one using it.  It's a lovely dark grey yarn and is a polyacrylic/new wool/alpaca wool mix and is lovely and chunky.  I've not done much knitting with a chunky wool before, so I was interested to see how I got on with it, but I found it great to knit with. 

I basically cast on 22 stitches and knitted a long garter stitch scarf using the four 50g balls in the pack (£3.99 from Lidl) and 7 1/2 mm needles.  I've got very basic knitting skills so I kept it simple.  I knitted up approximately one ball per night whilst we were away, so it took me a few days to complete and then sewed the ends in and the ends of the scarf together using leftover lengths of the wool.  Luckily, there was just enough wool for it to be the perfect length for a snood.  I used an existing wool snood, (I made by sewing together the ends of a lambs wool scarf I picked up at a jumble sale) as a measure for the length needed.  I'm looking forward to wearing it whilst out with the dog this week. 

Here's a photo taken of the finished article modelled by the beautiful Betty, my dressmaker's dummy.   (I don't like to use that word to describe her as it sounds insulting, but can't think of an alternative at this moment in time).

I was hoping that I'd have enough wool to make a pair of matching wrist warmers, but I didn't unfortunately.  Instead, I used a lovely ball of aqua blue chunky acrylic I bought whilst in Richmond for this purpose and managed to finish these too whilst away. 

I'm afraid that as we're now nearing the end of February, once again I am using this project as a combined one for both February's make in my Make Something Every Month in 2014 challenge and the Project 52 challenge created by Dreamer at Living a Slow and Simple Life to try to complete a must do task every week for a year.  Hope you don't mind.


  1. Gorgeous snood & a great project to take away with you.

    1. Thanks, Penny. I'm waiting to wear it now as it was too sunny today.

  2. That looks so warm and snug, and I do like the colour. A happy knit methinks :)

  3. Yes, I'm pretty happy with it. I can see me making more of these. I am slowly getting more and more interested in wool and what can be done with it. I'm a bit of a late starter in this department.