Wednesday, 26 February 2014

£100 a Year Spending on Beauty Products Challenge - Month 8

Month 8 of this challenge, and after overspending last month, I was hoping to get back on track this month.  Alas, it was not to be, my willpower failed me in Boots and I succumbed to a Buy One Get One Half Price deal on some dry shampoo, for those bad hair days!  I'd been without any for a few months and my hair has been particularly annoying lately, so I just found this offer too hard to resist.  Other than this major lapse, the month was pretty straightforward.  If only I'd just bought one can and not two!

Anyway, no point crying over dry shampoo, in total this month I spent £11.14, which was over the £8.33 monthly expenditure needed to stay within the £100 per year budget for this challenge.  This takes my total after Month 8 to £71.06/£100, so I have just under £29 to last me 4 months.  Definitely need to tighten my belt again for sure, but it is still possible, I think.

Here's what I bought this month:
Dove Roll On Deodourant x 2 - £2.58 - Bought from Approved Food.  I'm using my last bottle so needed to get some more to see me through this challenge.

Distilled Witchhazel - £1.93 - My regular toner needed restocking this month.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo x 2 - £4.49 - My BOGOHP downfall this month, but it is great to have some again and I definitely shouldn't need to buy any more during this challenge.

Hairspray - 70p - Hooray, I used up the really inexpensive and ineffective stuff I bought last time and replaced it with some slightly more expensive, but much more effective supermarket branded hairspray which was actually in stock this month.  (Must be a very popular choice as it had been out of stock in two separate stores last month).

Pantene Shampoo £1.44 - We completely ran out this month, so I couldn't avoid buying this.

Total Monthly Expenditure - £11.14

I did promise a photo of what was left of my stash this month, so here's a before and after.

This is the stash when I started this challenge, which as you can see was quite extensive, hence my success so far.  I'd been squirrelling more and more stuff away for a while and it was getting a little silly.

And here is how the stash stands now.

At least it all fits in one photo now, well almost, as I do have some hotel freebies and samples to use up too, as shown here, which may come in handy if I start to run out of things towards the end of this challenge.
I was given a set of 4 soaps for Valentine's day this month, which did boost the stash a little more, but was very welcome as I was down to my last two soaps and I don't think OH would want to wash with violet scented soap, so it was probably a good thing.   I must admit that one full unused tube of face wash was given to the charity shop, as I didn't like the feel of it on my skin and another face wash and the facial wipes I gave to Little Bird to use, which did help reduce the pile a bit.    Everything else missing from the second photo I/we have either used or are using now.

There is a definite preponderance of hand and body lotions, face creams and hair conditioner, so I won't be needing to buy any of these items for a good while.  I'm definitely going to try harder next month to come under budget and get back on track.  Fingers crossed. (Purse shut is probably more appropriate!)

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