Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back in the Yorkshire Dales

After a five hour journey from London, and a quick stop off in the pretty village of Reeth to get a few essential provisions, we eventually found our way to what will be our home for the next week.  It's a lovely stone cottage in Swaledale, with gorgeous flagstone floors, a bit cold at the moment but I'm hoping they warm up a little, (so glad I brought my slippers!),

lovely big open fireplace,

and in a lovely remote position looking out over the fields and hillsides.  This was the view from the front of the cottage.

You can see the snow capped hills in the distance.  We've brought the sledge in case we get more snow, although it doesn't appear to be forecast.   We've never stayed here in the depths of winter before.

As soon as we got unloaded and got inside OH got the fire going, whilst I did some unpacking of clothes and food.   I'd brought almost enough for the whole week, but will need to buy some meat, fruit and veg at some point.

Once we'd got settled in, next on the agenda was testing out the WiFi, which as you might have already guessed worked perfectly and then I was able to catch up with reading some blogs whilst OH took our very excited dog for a walk down the hillside before it got dark.  She loves coming away with us and as we have no near neighbours here, if she does decide to bark it won't bother anyone too much. 

For our first supper it was a simple meal of pasta with a tomato sauce and Peshwari naan breads.   Perfect after a long journey and when you need something quick and to get used to a new hob and oven.  We then settled down to watch the Winter Olympics followed by the Baftas,  during which I started my new knitting project and began to truly relax in our new rural surroundings.  I'm looking forward to getting out there into the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and breathing in some lovely fresh country air.


  1. Looks idyllic. Have a great week x

  2. I know the area well - we often tootle over here on the motorbike - about an hour away I would say.

    1. You're so lucky to live so close. We've been slightly closer to your way today at the Bowes Museum. It's the second time we've been and I must admit it is one of my all time favourites as there's just so much to see in there.