Monday, 17 February 2014

Heading Off for Half Term

Thank goodness it's half term. (I imagine that most of the teachers country wide are saying the exact same thing).   A week with no routine, no early morning starts and no school uniforms or packed lunches to get ready.  Little Bird has had a week of assessments this week and OH has been particularly busy of late,  so this half term we're heading off to Yorkshire for the week to stay in the Dales.  I'm packing up as much food from our cupboards as I can to keep costs to a minimum and so that if we do get snowed in, we'll have plenty to keep us going if we can't get to the shops.

We're all in need of the break from the hustle and bustle of London life, especially OH, who really deserves some time away from work.  When you work from your own home as he does, it is hard to get completely away from it, and so physically removing yourself is sometimes the only way.

We're looking forward to lots of country walks with the dog (weather allowing), a bit of mooching around some Yorkshire Market towns and possibly visiting a few relatives on our travels.  I'm taking plenty to entertain myself in case we are snowed in.  A knitting project, my Christmas hand sewn quilt, books, magazines and games, and if the WiFi is up and running, I will still be blogging and reading of course.


  1. You wont be far away should you fancy a cuppa. Enjoy the break.

  2. Enjoy your break.Totally agree with what you say about getting away. My last job was a live on site position and I felt like I was always at work or on call unless I was physically away from the place.It will do your hubby good to step away for a while :)

  3. Hope you have a relaxing break x