Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Catch Up Tuesday - Again

Tuesday is the day of the week that I try to get on top of all those jobs such as banking, paying bills, work, washing, housework, paperwork, etc. etc. and after spending a week away in the Yorkshire Dales, I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed by it all, (especially the washing) now thatwe have returned.  I guess there's a price to pay for everything in life.

I did a bit of a catch up with regard to blogging yesterday, in between food shopping and trips to the gym for myself and Little Bird's trampolining class, and I spent some time preparing some posts for later this week.  Having done this, it  freed me to make the most of today and get on with some other jobs that need my attention.  I figured that if I just got on and got all this 'stuff' or as much of it as possible done, I might be able to enjoy myself a little towards the end of the week and perhaps even do some sewing. 

(I am now in receipt of the correct needles for my sewing machine, having ordered incorrect ones initially.  I thought I had a different brand of machine to the one I actually have - just shows how much notice I pay to such things.  Anyway, what I hope are the correct needles have now arrived and I'm hoping that my machine will now work properly once again and I can get on with some half finished projects.)

So, today was spent packing and sending off parcels, followed by making some fruit jellies,  crème brulees, a lovely fruit smoothie for me, to perk me up, and later a sausage casserole for dinner.  I kept the grocery shop simple this week on account of it being the last week of the month, so the treats/desserts I made should keep us going for the rest of the week/month.

(Talking of grocery shopping, I was secretly proud of myself in Lidl yesterday, as the new bakery was finally up and running in my usual branch and I managed to ignore it completely on my way around.  Partly, because I had a limited amount of money to spend on the groceries and partly because we have had far too many treats on our holiday and we need to get back to normal eating habits.  I can't, however, promise that I won't sometimes be tempted to buy some freshly baked cakes or croissants on my weekly visit to the store.  I have usually just finished my Zumba class when I visit,  so it would be a great pity to undo any good done in exercising, by eating more calories than I've burned off, straight away afterwards.  If I keep reminding myself of this it might just work and put me off.)

Anyway, the remainder of the day was spent, washing up, tidying up the kitchen, a little bit of gardening (more in another post) and tackling the mountain of washing and ironing.  I must admit that I hadn't yet unpacked the dirty washing following our return on Sunday, preferring to ignore it until today.  I could have done some washing whilst we were away, but to be honest I decided I was on holiday and didn't, so it serves me right that I'm facing a huge pile now.

All in all I've had a pretty productive day, even though I didn't get everything done that I wanted to.  I bought my fruit and vegetables from a local market stall and the greengrocers, managing to only create a bit of polythene waste from the cucumbers plus a few paper bags and carrier bags, which will be either recycled or reused.   I was also pleased to note that the items I put up for sale on eBay ended today, with three out of the five selling.  The two that remained unsold have been automatically re-listed by eBay for free, so hopefully they will sell next week.  Tomorrow, will now be spent sending more parcels off, but at least it will have earned me a little bit of extra money, some of which I am planning to spend on a welly mending kit, as one of my wellies has sprung a leak!


  1. exhausting ! hope you get all your chores done & have some time for the fun things ( groan, I plan to wash the mouldy bathroom walls down today ! )

    1. Good luck with that Penny. I guess life can't be fun all the time, sometimes you just have to knuckle down and do stuff.