Monday, 7 October 2013

This weekend....

...we all ate baked bean toasted sandwiches for lunch on Saturday - bliss, even if it was a bit slummy mummy.  If you've never tried them do, they are so tasty and very frugal.   How else can you feed 3 hungry people with only half a tin of baked beans and a few slices of bread.  In fact they are the only kind of sandwiches I ever make with my sandwich toaster, which does lead me to ask - does anybody have any yummy recipes for use with a sandwich toaster?   Just to add a bit of variety to my sad life.

...I planted up some lovely pansies in pots and hanging baskets for autumnal displays.

...I visited the allotment and it's looking very tidy now so I'm very happy.  I wasn't so happy when I got multiple bites from some horrible little flies and am now covered in huge and I mean HUGE red lumps.  I don't know what they are, but they get me every time.

...I indulged myself by watching Strictly and couldn't help but get excited about this year's line up.  There's some really good dancers in there and it's only week one.  I was very moved by Vanessa Feldt's performance and her emotional reaction to the dance.  Bless.  I've got several favourites this year, which I will be cheering on from my living room sofa.  I missed the results show though so I'll have to watch it on  catch up later today.  Don't tell me who went out.  Please.

...I did two hours of dance aerobics this Sunday, as the teacher was covering the class after ours.  I got an extra one in as I'll be missing a couple of classes next week as when we head up to Yorkshire at the weekend, to take Little Bird to Hull Fair.  Has anyone ever been?

...we visited the Australia exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art and saw some wonderful indigenous art works.  We were trying to make good use of OH's membership which I bought him for his birthday and which got us all in for free.  There were some great non-indigenous works too might I add.  I particularly liked a video of one artist riding his motorbike non-handed through the Australian landscape.  It reminded me of riding my bike non-handed as a child and riding into a concrete block.  Very silly, I had the bruises to prove it.  I got into trouble with OH as I took too long to get around the gallery.

...we spent a blissful hour in Waterstone's on Piccadilly, perusing all the wonderful books they had on sale.  Can't you just spend hours in a good bookshop?   This store is huge with 4 floors of books some of which are signed by the authors so make great gifts for Christmas.   I didn't buy anything though on this visit.   OH bought a couple of books for Little Bird.  We're trying to encourage her to read more as she's got out of the habit lately.  We stayed in there until it closed at 6pm and they were virtually chucking us out, although they were too polite to literally do this.

...we even saw a very famous supermodel out shopping with her children around Bond Street.  I do love a bit of celeb spotting.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. What a lovely post. I haven't had beans on toast for years though do have them with a Sunday brunch. in a toasted sandwich sounds scrummy. How about tuna / cheese - tuna melt it's lovely in a panini.
    We are enjoying strictly too. Really must start to exercise again - I need motivating !

    I love pansies this time of year - so pretty.

    Our local Waterstones holds book signings. I've seen Oliver Tobias twice.
    Celeb spotting is fun. A friend of mine thinks she looks like Vanessa Feltz especially after a flurry of excitement at a shop counter - she did have to smile !

    1. Tuna and cheese sounds great to me,but OH wouldn't eat it as he hates tuna. I'm thinking of trying brie and cranberry chutney as they make a nice combination in a normal sandwich.

  2. When I was a child my Auntie always did baked beans in a frying pan. So unhealthy but totally gorgeous. I am a big fan of baked beans and always have mine with a couple of Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages - on offer right now. We had a fab weekend tootling about on motorbike - Withernsea. Hull Fair? Tell me more.

    1. Hull Fair is a huge travelling fairground that goes to Hull on the closest Friday to the 11th October and stays for a week. We used to go as children and there many rides, side shows, stalls selling coconuts, nougat, brandysnap, candy floss, etc. Great for a walk around even if you don't like going on rides. A bit of a tradition in Hull. It's the same fair that goes to Nottingham for the Goose fair I think and is one of the largest if not the largest in the country.