Thursday, 31 October 2013

Catching Up

After our weekend away I spent most of this week catching up on emails, post, work, blogging, housework, unpacking and any other jobs.  Thank goodness it is half term is all I can say, and our days are free to spend as we please, more or less.  

One of the first things I did was to send off my Approved Food order for this month, as we are now here to take delivery of it.  I also took advantage of an Amazon Local offer of two tickets to a Festive Fair in Islington in December for just £5, which I thought was good value.  It should be nice to wander around and buy a few last minute presents and soak up the atmosphere of this event in the run up to Christmas.

With no school routine I've been able to take the dog out a little later and Little Bird has been joining me on occasions.  It's nice to have the company and time to chat to each other. 

I've caught up on watching Saturday's Strictly on iPlayer.  We watched the French version whilst away, which was a little different as they include contemporary dance and also do fusions of two dances.  Good though.

I've also returned to my classes to work off the patisserie and Little Bird came too and went for a swim. 

The pumpkin has been carved, the Halloween cakes made (lots of blood and goo),

and the treat bags filled.  We are all set now.  Little Bird is going to a friend's house for a little gathering on Halloween before heading out with their mum trick or treating.  I think I'm going to use the opportunity, to catch up with the ironing.  Fun filled life I lead!

I've really enjoyed the last couple of days, just taking life at our own pace before the madness of term time starts up again next week.  I'm going to savour the rest of the week too.  How's your week been?


  1. Just filled a plate with Halloween themed sweets, putting some lanterns out & now waiting....

    1. You are funny Penny. I bet you enjoy it as much as the children. I bet they love calling at your house. Our pumpkin is lit and in the window and the puppy is accompanying me to the door to scare off anyone too creepy.

      She just stole a mini finger of fudge and ate it. Naughty girl. I bet she'd rather be out there trick or treating with the children.

  2. Yes I do enjoy it -
    I light lanterns so they will call ! Not having school aged children any more we still welcome them as it's fun.
    Had heaps of young ones tonight as mums / dads saw the lanterns so called by... lovely. Jess put a black cape on Dillon & he was Magic dog !

    Best caller; " I'm a lawyer " ha ha ha !

  3. Classic. We had quite a few callers too and the sweets completely ran out. Little Bird even gave away some she'd collected to the last callers, bless her.