Sunday, 6 October 2013

Citrus Love

I love citrus tastes and smells.  Always have.   I've got a bit of a thing about pink grapefruits going on at the moment.  I've just eaten one for breakfast and it was lovely.  When I was a child, my mum would eat half a grapefruit most mornings for breakfast, and when I tasted it myself, I just couldn't understand why on earth she would do that and seemingly enjoy it.

In more recent years, however, I have dabbled occasionally, having the odd pink grapefruit here and there, as they tend to be sweeter, and actually quite enjoyed them.  When we were in the US I bought a couple of pink grapefruits and they were delicious.  So sweet,  more so than the ones you get here.  Even so, it is quite nice to eat half of one for breakfast now and again, with just a teaspoon full of sugar on top, just for a change.

I also like the smell of pink grapefruit and seem to be finding myself drawn to products with this fragrance.  I discovered the Body Shop's Pamplemousse Rose range the other week and was smitten and I also enjoyed using a Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial wash a few months ago and am saving my last bottle of this, that is currently languishing in my stash, and relishing the point in the future when I start to use it again.

I particularly love oranges too.  I can eat two or three oranges a day.  Little Bird has recently taken to slicing oranges into wedges to eat, just like we used to eat at half time during school hockey matches.    Cold Saturday mornings on the hockey pitch,  hot, sweaty, tired.  We relished the slices of orange dished out from a plastic bag by our coach.  Heavenly.

My current fragrance that I'm wearing daily is an orange citrus blend of Blood Orange and Basil.   It is lovely, light and refreshing.  I bought it in Palma last year whilst on holiday. 

Ah Palma, that reminds me, Spanish navels, my absolute favourite oranges, can't beat them.  So easy to peel too.  They must be coming into season soon.  I always associate Christmas with navel oranges and boxes of satsumas.   Dad always used to buy a box of satsumas at Christmas from the fruit and vegetable market, some individually wrapped in tissue paper.   Lovely. So much citrus loveliness to come.  I just can't wait.


  1. aah, that's nice. I do .love it when Satsumas come into the shops... a Christmas stocking filler right at the toe ! Cut up oranges - sigh...
    Pink grapefruits are divine & we haven't had any for ages.
    Will be in Palma Thursday for a few days x

    1. Have a lovely time in Palma. It's a lovely city. A bit hot when we were there, in the 40's, but very nice.

  2. I LOVE grapefruits too - infact after blowing the diet today whilst out on motorbike I shal be eating quite a few in order to be able to get on the scales with confidence on Wednesday ay Slimmingworld!

    1. Go for it. They are so low in calories aren't they. I should eat them more often.