Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Doggy Travel Tales

Our puppy who is a year old this week, now has her very own pet passport.  We went to the vet's a while back now to get her immunised against rabies and get her passport.  She already has a microchip and now just needs whatever other treatments necessary by any country we want to take her to in the EU.

As half term is approaching, as is Christmas and we haven't been across the channel for a year and a half now, we are thinking of popping over to France for a few days to do a big supermarket shop, have a few days away and for me to do a little shopping for my business.  We're hoping to take the puppy on her new passport, but I am a little nervous in case all doesn't go to plan.  The thing is we'll have to try it at some point so maybe now is as good an opportunity as ever.

I was surprised when we got the passport that the writing inside the passport must be in blue ink, not black, which is the usual for official documents, otherwise I was told you would not be allowed to travel.  I'm not sure of the rationale for this, but I'm not going to argue.  We just need to put a photo in there now, but I don't think this is compulsory.

We are very lucky as she travels well in the car so the journey which will only be to Calais, Boulogne or Le Touquet will not be a problem for her.  We will probably go via Eurostar so that she's not left alone in the hold of the ferry whilst it sails.

It cost us £113 or thereabouts for the passport, but she will need regular boosters of the rabies vaccine every few years and whatever treatments are required by any country we take her to, before we can travel.  This will of course cost more as it will have to be done by the vet, but it will be so worth it to be able to take her away with us. 

As a consequence of the above, my most pressing job this week is to research what is needed and then arrange for her to have the necessary treatments at the vets.  I'm excited, but also quite anxious about this venture. We'll just have to see how it goes.  Wish me luck.


  1. How was she after the Rabies shots ?
    When we left living in Spain we found a home for lour lovely dog Rosie as knew she would go crazy in quarantine.
    We heard she lived happily til 14 in her new home.
    Good luck - it sounds like you've done all your research well.

    1. She was okay really. I've just found out though that our vet has just left the practice and they don't have one who can give her the treatments she needs which is a pity. We'll have to go elsewhere for it.