Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beauty Challenge - Month 4

October has been a very good month on the Beauty Challenge front.  For any readers not familiar with this challenge, I am joining in with El of AThrifty Mrs and trying to keep spending on beauty products to £100 or less for a whole year.

Just by way of explanation, I did start this challenge with a whole stash of products that I had collected over the last couple of years and which needed using up, and it is partly this that is making this challenge as manageable as it has been so far.  All toiletries, dental care, make up, perfume, etc. are included in this challenge.  If, however, these things are given to you as gifts, then this is acceptable under the rules of the challenge. 

Talking of gifts, my birthday fell in October, so I did manage to receive some lovely gifts for use on this challenge, which included a new bottle of Coco Chanel, a couple of autumnal wine coloured lipsticks, some lovely L'Occitane hand and foot creams that I blogged about in a previous post, and some Bodyshop Pink Grapefruit perfume, soap and lip balm.  In fact, I did incredibly well on the smellies front this birthday which was really useful as I was fast running out of perfume to wear and didn't know if I'd last until Christmas.  In addition, I really wanted some new darker red coloured lipsticks for the autumn/winter, so I was very happy.

I did include one other lipstick in my spending on beauty products this month, which was one from Lidl in Very Berry, as it looked such a lovely colour.  I quite like it on too and it was pretty inexpensive at less than half the price of one's I'd normally buy.  I also treated myself to a Marie Claire magazine this month and received this free Subtle Violet L'Occitane hand cream worth £8 with it to add to my stash.

Here's the list of expenditure this month and you will see that I have easily come in under budget for once, which is a great relief and has put me right back on track with this challenge after a shaky start.

1   Shower Cream 500ml - 99p - Yes I know, I said I wasn't going to buy shower gel any longer and instead use the many soaps I have in my stash, but I decided to buy it for other members of the household to use, as I didn't think it fair for them not to be able to use it whilst I was on this challenge.  As I used it once I have included it in my expenditure.

2  Distilled Witchhazel - £1.93 - Well, the lovely Lancôme toner that Penny from The Hen House sent me has finally run out, and I had to go back to using my tried and trusty distilled witch hazel.

3  Cotton Wool Pads - 65p -  Ran out as I use these daily.

4  Very Berry Lipstick - £1.99 - A bit of an indulgence.  I'm even considering buying the nail varnish to match next month if the budget goes well.  A bit of a treat to keep me motivated.

Total monthly spend was £5.56 which is my best month yet and well below the £8.33 I should be able to spend on this challenge each month.

This leaves my total spending this year after 4 months at £34.31 which is just 99p over budget, so I am right back in the game.  Hooray.

I'm hoping that next month will continue in a similar vein.  I'm definitely getting more into the swing of it and really cutting things down to the bare minimum now. (Well, almost!)


  1. It does look like a paint tube doesn't it. I love the smell of violets. It is pretty subtle though.