Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Quick Car Boot Visit

Whenever we go up north, I always try to fit in a visit to my favourite Car Boot Sale. Due to the fact that it has quite a lot of indoor pitches, it is open virtually year round which suits me to a tee.  It was particularly useful this weekend because on Sunday morning the rain was coming down very heavily and I knew there would be no or very few outside stalls to mooch around.

When we got there I was actually quite surprised at how many cars were in the car park.  We had a good look around, well I did anyway.  It's not OH's favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning, but he did come along so I can't grumble.

I didn't spend too much as it is Stoptober, but it is nice to support the stallholders who had turned out on such a miserable day weather wise as well as treat myself to a few small things.

Firstly, I bought this big bunch of wallflowers for just £1.  I think there are about a dozen plants here and they are quite well established (if a bit mudsplattered).  I just need to plant them now in the garden and look forward to them flowering in the spring.

I bought 3 books for 30p each to add to my stack.  I bought the Christmassy titles because they will be nice to read in the next few months in the build up to the festive season.  I also bought another Sophie Kinsella book, as I tend to find them an enjoyable read.
I bought this pair of plastic knitting needles for 50p to add to my collection
and I couldn't resist buying a couple of very reasonably priced small pieces of Hornsea Pottery as I collect this too.
Little bird also got a book, the dog got lots of dog treats and OH bought us lots of kindling and logs for the fire this autumn/winter, which at £1.50 per bag, can't be bought for anywhere near as little as this in London. 
Needless to say we came back to London loaded down with things, which is usually the case,  including these lovely flowers I was given for my birthday
and these lovely L'Occitane hand and foot creams which will definitely help me in the Beauty Challenge stakes.

We were also kindly supplied with a bag of coal, some tomatoes, cooking and eating apples and a log burner to install in our dining room, which will be wonderful once we get it put in.  All in all we had a great weekend if a little busy and fraught at times due to the dog being a little over excited at being away from home and our need to see as many family members and friends as we could.


  1. Given a log burner ? Was it your birthday ? Happy birthday !

  2. Yes, it was one that someone had taken out of their house and replaced as it is a small one, but just perfect for our dining room. Yes, thank you, it was my birthday last week, but I'm keeping quiet about my age!