Monday, 21 October 2013

A Few Mini Makes

I've been tinkering about this weekend doing some little tiny projects that have been in the back of my mind for a while.  I've been collecting different rolls of washi and other patterned tapes in recent months and had 19 last time Little Bird counted. 

They are so small and pretty and easy to pick up here and there when sensibly priced and they don't take up too much room either.  I bought quite a few in the US in their supermarkets as they were very inexpensive.  A few more I've bought here in Wilko and work out at less than £1 per roll.  Anyway, I haven't really been putting them to good use so I scoured Pinterest the other day and saw a couple of small projects that really appealed and I decided to have a go at them.

The first one inspired this card for a niece to congratulate her on passing her driving test.  The card itself was a notecard that I added the washi bunting to, to make it look a bit more special.  I hope she likes it.

The second mini project was to decorate these very ordinary tea lights and make them look a little special and co-ordinate with the décor in different rooms.  They almost look too pretty to light now.

I also completed the jar of doggy treats inspired by a free hand out from Hobbycraft.  I used a jar I bought from Ikea for £1.25 and filled it with some of her favourite biscuits.  I decorated it with some Christmas ribbon and made the tag from some pretty card I had in the craft box.  I'll probably stick a bow on the top nearer the time and that's one present sorted, that has cost very little.  At least I know she will eat these treats, which isn't always the case with shop bought gifts and stockings, so they won't get wasted.



  1. Super tape. I have two rolls of tape -one which says NOEL and one with geese on.

    The tea lights look so pretty & bunting always looks sweet. My niece passed her driving test too !

    1. Thank you. Are you going to use yours for anything special?

    2. I used the geese one when I did a lot of crafting a while back. I even had a seperate Blog
      The NOEL one I covered brown carrier bags & luggage labels for Christmas wrap )

    3. Hi Penny, I've just been checking out your craft blog. There's some lovely things on there. Don't you post on there anymore?

    4. I lost my crafty Mojo a while back; sad because it was seeing arty blogs which inspired me in the first place !

      Maybe when we get the junk room with leaking roof sorted & I have a space to craft other than the kitchen table !

    5. I think it makes a difference having a little space of your own to go to and get crafty in.

      Having said that I still don't do it as much as I should and seem to have virtually stopped making clothes at the moment.