Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fancy a Cuppa?

I'm joining Mum from Mum's Simply Living for her Virtual Tea Party today. 
Here comes Mrs Overall with the tea tray.  Be warned ladies and gentlemen, it's a little rude risqué in parts, but very funny!   Please don't watch if you are easily offended.   (There's always one person who tries to lower the tone of any gathering). 

I never went to see this musical, but it sounds like it might have been fun.
Comic genius and national treasure.
 I once sold a vintage overall on eBay.  I got a very bizarre message from the man who bought it.  Needless to say I didn't reply.

We're having sandwiches here today and they are some of my all time favourites.  Crusts cut off, of course, and nothing but the best white sliced bread. (Weightwatchers Danish).

There's the following to choose from: 

Egg and Cress

Reduced fat Brie and Spiced Cranberry Chutney

Smoked Ham and Dijon Mustard

The washi tape found another use.  Which would you choose, if any?

No fancy teas for me.  I like my English Breakfast tea too much.   A good old cup of Typhoo will do nicely thank you.  In a pretty china cup.

Do you take your own teabags when you go abroad?  You just can't get a decent cup otherwise. 

Mini chocolate eclairs for afters, courtesy of Mr Lidl.  I might have watched the GBBO every week religiously, but I'm a pretty hopeless baker.  I thought that by buying small ones I'd eat less. Unfortunately, I've since realised it doesn't work out that way.  How many do you think equate to one big one? 

Vintage table cloth and lots of mismatched vintage china in evidence.  I'm attempting a kind of weight conscious, make do and mend tea party.

 Thanks to Mum for organizing the tea party.   Hope you're all having a very lovely day.


  1. Egg sarnies please &a strong English breakfast tea in bone china cup will be a lovely thank you.
    I have been known to take tea bags abroad (- should have done recently )
    I can't bake either but my egg sarnies taken to a party went down a treat ( I had the hens then so they were fresh & tasty )
    I like your little flags.

    1. Hi Penny, I think I can just about manage a bone china cup. You can't beat a good old egg sandwich, especially with fresh eggs I imagine. Enjoy your day.

  2. Hello there
    All the dishes have been done so I'm visiting others to find out how their day went
    Have to confess that Mrs Beaton is not my name and I am not exactly comfortable in the kitchen so when someone offers food for the taking I'm in there like flynn and take!
    Egg and Cress sounds nice and cooling but then the Brie and Cranberry chtney sounds interesting. Oh dear choices choices. And never mind the maths where cakes are concerned just dig in and enjoy lol
    Tea bags go on cruises with me but usually if I just say 'first out of the pot I;m ok when visiting.
    Take care

    1. Me too, I'm a first out rather than a last out kind of girl. Hope you're enjoying yourself today

  3. One of each for me please and I won't say no to an eclair or two! Ordinary tea will do me but last out of the pot please and just a little milk. I'll come back later to view the entertainment.
    Love from Mum

    1. After the nine o'clock watershed might be best.

  4. Hello Ann
    Nice to meet you ... I've popped over from Mum's tea party. Totally Agree Anne and like yourself its the good old PG Tips for me. Although occasionally when I feel like aomething fancy I'll have a cup of Darjeeling. I most certainly take teabags with me on holiday just in case I can't get MY tea. I am a tea addict so I can't go without it. As I live in Spain, for many years my mother sent me boxes of PG Tips as I couldn't get them here but now they are popular too so I can get them in most local supermarkets.
    I'm just about to make the hot chocolate if you fancy some. :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hot chocolate sounds lovely. I've just got caught in a downpour when walking the dog.

  5. I would have joined in but am about to have a quick hoover through as we have some of Bings friends coming to celebrate his 1st birthday which is tomorrow but his party is today. I do have a nice selection of doggie treats for his friends however! lol!

    1. It is our puppys 1st birthday tomorrow too. Ive got her a little pressie. A squeaky oinky pig. I hope she likes it. Hope you have a lovely doggy party.

  6. Ann, your tea looks lovely. I can already taste the sandwiches. Egg and cress for me, please and yes, English Breakfast for me, too! Hope you have a wonderful day. xxoo. JO

    1. Thanks for joining us. Theres plenty to go around.

  7. Can't have anything to drink...there may be an unfortunate out of nose incident while watching the fabulous JW!
    Hang on...who ate all the eclairs?!
    Jane x