Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Holiday En France - Part 3

Day three of our short holiday in France started with a lovely breakfast.  OH took the dog out and brought back some lovely bread and croissants which we ate with ham and cheese.  We had boiled eggs too, which was a treat.  As it was Sunday we headed to  Berck Ville to go to the market held there on a Sunday morning.  We went  there specifically for me to buy some fabric for my business as there is a stall there which sells French fabrics that I had bought from the previous year.  I was specifically looking for Christmas fabrics, but unfortunately this year they were not available this early, but I did find some non-Christmas alternatives that were very beautiful. 

From there we returned to Le Touquet and Little Bird and OH headed to the Water Park for a few hours whilst I took the dog through the Pine tree walk along the front. 

On our way back to the apartment we got drenched in a downpour, but apart from this it was a lovely walk.  There was a bike and run competition going on in the sand dunes nearby, so there were lots of people around both participating and watching the event.

When the dog and I got back to the apartment we just chilled for an hour or two.  I caught up with a bit of blog hopping for Mum's Virtual Tea Party and then OH and Little Bird returned and we had a lovely salad for a late lunch with French patisserie for dessert, which was a lovely treat.

By this time the weather had started to take a turn for the worst, so we didn't manage to get out again for the rest of the day apart from to walk the dog.  Unfortunately, we didn't manage to climb the lighthouse nearby which might have been nice,
as it didn't appear to be open on the Sunday.  Instead, we just chilled out in our apartment reading, spending time on the computer and watching TV before having supper and getting an early night.


  1. those cakes look divine ! I keep getting drenched...probably will again today !

  2. Me too, the price you pay for having a dog I guess. It's worth it though.