Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bargain Christmas Shopping

Today, I headed out to my nearest Morrisons.  I had read on that they had 1L bottles of Baileys Original Cream on offer today, for £9 per bottle.  An offer not to be missed.  I was in the store at 11.30 am which was as early as I could get there.  I saw a lovely lady with a bottle in her trolley, so I asked her where she'd found it.  There was a huge pallet in the back corner of the store so I headed straight there.  I was going to get a few bottles for Christmas presents and one for us to use, but the offer was limited to 2 per customer so I was only able to get one for us and one for a gift.  I didn't mind though as I got an alternative present for the person concerned, which I'll tell you about in a moment. 

In my excitement, I forgot to reclaim my £1 parking charge at the till.  I promised myself I would pop back into the store on returning to my car, after doing a bit of shopping elsewhere, but didn't have the time when it came to it.  Never mind, just a £21 saving then.  Definitely not to be sniffed at.  The offer is supposed to be on whilst stocks last, but it seemed to be selling well today.  If you have a Morrison's near you and you're partial to a glass of Baileys and ice at Christmas, get yourself down there pronto for some early Christmas savings.

After shopping at Morrisons, I headed to the Body Shop as I needed to return some items I'd bought online and exchange them for a different fragrance.  The moral of the story being don't order anything if you haven't smelt it first!  Whilst there I picked up a few other items I needed that weren't available online and that I needed to complete a few Christmas gifts.  I managed to find a 40% off voucher on and I printed it off and took it in.  It was applicable to full priced and sale price items and valid until 27th October.   As a consequence, I got a lovely set of 3 handbag sized hand creams on sale at £8 down from £12, for just £4.80 as a Christmas gift for someone.   A complete bargain.  I'd got one of these hand creams for free on a voucher code a month ago, so I know how nice they are too.

I also managed to get this lovely roll of wrapping tape from Wilko for just £1. 

I used it to decorate a couple of tea lights.  I had to trim it a bit as it is a wider tape than washi tape, but they look quite sweet.

I also bought these lovely paper chains from Poundland for, you've guessed, just £1.  They're really sweet too.

As you can see I've been doing a bit of Christmas shopping to spread the cost of the festive season.  There are bargains to be had out there to help spread the cost if you start early.  How is your Christmas shopping coming along?

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  1. I love the paper chain pack ! I bought two diffuser bottles on offer with snowmen packaging & scented winter something or other for two friends.