Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Weekend at Home

We had a quiet weekend at home this weekend, which made a nice change after going away last weekend.  I had terrible trouble getting to sleep on Friday night, as I had a myriad of things going through my head. 

We are in the process of applying for Secondary School places for Little Bird and the application needs to be completed on line in the next week or two.  Good luck to any other parents out there going through the same process.  I was also thinking about half term and hopefully our trip to France and what I need to do to make sure our pup's pet passport is valid and she is fit to travel.  In addition, I had lots of ideas for quilts and other things I want to make going through my head, as well as thinking about Christmas planning, the housework that currently needs doing, what I need to do in the garden this weekend, etc. etc.

I eventually dropped off to sleep at around 3am, so woke late on Saturday feeling a bit groggy.  As I was lying in bed the idea for another project popped into my head, a quilt for the dog, to put in her travel cage in the car, so I jumped out of bed to sort out the best fabric to use.  I then proceeded to get started on it, as well as continuing with a quilt I'd started the day before for Little Bird,  and that took care of the next couple of hours.  It probably didn't endear me to the neighbours, mind you, using my sewing machine at 9.15 am.   I just hope they weren't having a lie in.

By the time I'd finished what I could do on the machine, OH was back from a dog walk and made us a lovely fry up for brunch which was a reasonably rare, but very welcome treat.  I feel an overwhelming sense of time flying past at the moment and I just don't seem to be keeping on top of things.  It's only going to get worse as we get nearer to Christmas too, so I feel an urgent need to do as much as I can now but don't seem to be getting very far.  It's very frustrating.

Anyway the rest of Saturday was spent catching up with things on line, starting on the school application, doing some household chores, a bit of work, a dog walk, watching Strictly of course, and then finally I started to watch a movie called Rent on YouTube, that this song comes from.  This is the recent Glee version in memory of Cory, or Finn as he was known in the series.  A beautiful song.  I've posted about it in the past.  I got half way through the movie before it was time for bed so will need to finish watching it some other time.

How's your weekend been so far?


  1. You are probably running around doing a hectic autumn get ready for winter - gathering in ready for the long haul.
    Good luck with Little Bird's application; we only had to fill in paper forms & get them in on time and it was pretty certain that both kids would get to the local secondary school.

    Hope you sleep better ( I sleep terribly )

    1. OH completed the application today and scanned in what we think are the relevant documents. Must be tricky for those without a scanner and the knowhow though.

      Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better now as I've emptied the ironing basket too. Thank goodness for quiet rainy Sundays.

    2. Busy weekend here - lovely tootle over to Whitby yesterday - Wedding Fayre today and tonight we are going out for dinner to celebrate hubby's business - 19 years trading since October 2oth 1994.

  2. Wow, congratulations to hubby. It's not easy being self-employed as we have found out since OH started his own business a couple of years ago. He's enjoying it though which is good.

    Nineteen years is a long time, especially in the current economic climate. Good for him.

    1. Husband runs his own business sand has for several years- no sick leave or paid holidays for him but he gets to play with boats daily !

      We are beginning to plan what to do as he gets older & the physical side of his work becomes harder.

      Had a memorable first company dinner a few years ago - a " works party " with just the four of us & my mother !
      It does make me laugh when h
      he says, " The company can pay for that "

    2. OH has been much happier since he's been running his own business. No big commute and no being squeezed into overcrowded offices with all the bugs that go around in the winter months. It probably saves lots of money just in bought lunches and coffees alone.