Thursday, 14 May 2015

Naturisimo - Exciting Deliveries.

A little while ago, whilst looking for some natural and organic beauty products, I came across the website, who stock a great range of natural and organic beauty products and make up.  After perusing the site, I couldn't help myself but place an order for a couple of items that I've been looking at buying for a while.

The first item was a charcoal grey eyeliner by Beauty Without Cruelty, and at £6 wasn't much more expensive than many regular beauty brands.  It has become a regular in my daily makeup routine, so I'm very happy with this purchase.   I also ordered a small Burt's Bees Grapefruit scented lip and hand balm gift set for just £4, as a small present for someone and lastly I ordered some Maca Powder for myself, which I had heard about on a YouTube video. I believe it is a health food supplement that can be put into smoothies and juices or on cereals and is good for balancing hormones and providing an energy boost.  As I am approaching the menopause, (sorry, TMI here I realise) I bought this to help me with regard to any hormonal changes I might experience in the coming years. I have started using this in the last couple of days and find it very palatable when mixed into a smoothie or yoghurt with fruit.  Delivery was free, which was an added bonus and there was also a code to get an extra 10% off at checkout.

The service from this company was excellent and within a couple of days my order had arrived by post and was packed safely and securely with no damage to any of the items. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.  I liked that it came by Royal Mail too, as if we weren't in, I could collect it from the depot down the road and not have to rearrange delivery, and also, I wouldn't have to feel bad that I'm causing a courier to have to re-deliver.  (I'm aware that for individual self-employed couriers, margins are very tight, and I don't want to cost them money to effect delivery).

In addition, this company allows you to purchase a limited number of product samples from them if you wish to, to try out certain products that they stock before buying the full size.  This is really useful in my opinion, as without these, it is very hard to tell what might suit your skin and natural/organic  products can be quite expensive and hard to source in the shops and try out first.

The next day, the same company sent me an email, offering me the chance to buy a beauty box from them for £9.95 including postage.  Call me a pushover, and inspite of my disappointment over a previous beauty box, I'm afraid I couldn't resist this offer, as all of the contents were natural/organic beauty and makeup products and it offered me a perfect opportunity to try some of these completely new to me brands, which are quite expensive to buy full price.  With an additional 10% off and free delivery, the box cost just £8.96, which was an absolute steal.  Two days later it arrived and this is it.

The box itself was lovely.  Simple, black, with just a logo on the front.  Very easy to just put a label over it and use it for gift giving.  This is what was inside, I was so excited.

There were a couple of products from Jane Iredale, a US mineral cosmetics company.  One was a sample black mascara in a cute little tube.  I'd never seen mascara packaged like this before.  Perfect for one's handbag.

Similarly small and compact, was a sample of lip and cheek stain from the same range.  It wasn't in a colour that I would probably use, but even if I just use it as a balm to prime under other lipsticks, I'm quite happy.  It was so dinky. I photographed it next to a 10p piece so that you can see how small it is. Cute.

There was also a full size lip tint from Inika, an Australian organics brand.  This was a nude coloured, shimmery pink. Again, not what I would normally use, but it was interesting to try it.  It has a distinctly minty taste to it which was nice.  I'd prefer a darker/reddish colour myself, but I may use this as nude lipsticks are quite fashionable, especially come the summer months.


In addition to these products, there was also a full-sized kabuki brush which is 100% synthetic, i.e. cruelty free and will be great for applying powder or blusher or even some of the tinted moisturising fluid samples that also came in this box.

The tinted moisturiser samples, of which there were three in the box, were great, and will be really useful to enable me to try some natural brands.  Two were by Madara, a Latvian natural/organic beauty brand. One in each of two colourways, Sun Flower Golden Beige and Moon Flower Rose Beige, so I will be interested to try these or even possibly mix them to get the right shade for me.

The third was a sample of Green People Age Defy Tinted Moisturiser with SPF15 in Creme Light, which coincidentally, whilst searching for natural beauty products, had ended up on my list of potential things to buy, so I was really happy to receive this.

Apart from the colours of the lip products, this box was perfect and such great value.  I don't know if I'll be offered one again, or if they are starting a subscription service, but this box is so much more down my street and came along at just the right time.

Please note that I have NOT been sponsored to write this post.  I am just describing my experience of a company I have bought products from and whose service was very good, in the hope that it might help others looking for similar products.

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