Friday, 15 May 2015

A Rainy Day Spent Indoors

Thursday was a very wet day here, in fact, it rained almost all day.  It was so wet, that aside from taking the dog out for a walk, I spent the day indoors at home, catching up on some housework.  I was hoping to get to the allotment again, but the weather rendered the task impossible.

I started the day off by putting away laundry and then coming downstairs to unload the dishwasher. After breakfast I emptied all the bins, and put out the refuse and recycling, ready for collection first thing on Friday. Life always feel a bit lighter when all the rubbish leaves the house, and more so this week as Little Bird had been having quite a clearout, so some of the rubbish was stuff she had thrown away.  She's more than a little influenced by Tumbler at the moment, and I'm not complaining, as she is taking a sudden interest in getting (and keeping) her room nice and tidy for the first time ever. (Yay!)

Next, it was time to put on some more washing before heading out with the dog. Half of the hour and a half walk we had, we managed before the rain set in, for the remainder, it rained but not too heavily, so we were both glad to get back to a dry and warm house.

By the time we got home, it wasn't far short of lunch time, so I caught up on reading a few blogs and watching a few YouTube videos before making a lovely salad for lunch.

After lunch, I headed upstairs to clean the bathroom.  It was great to finally use up some old household products and start using some of the new, more natural ones I'd bought a few weeks ago. The downstairs toilet got a clean too and I hoovered the stairs where I'd tramped in some wet grass.

Next, I hung out the laundry indoors and put on another small load consisting of some bath mats, before setting about making dinner.

Having washed up any dinner pots that needed it, I set about ordering next week's grocery shopping online to take advantage of a pretty good offer for my first couple of on-line orders. I did the same last week and got a free bottle of champagne, which I may save for Christmas or give away as a gift. This week it was £20 off my order.

We don't need quite so much food this coming week, as Little Bird will be away for 3 days on a school trip, so I added on some household cleaning products that I needed and a gift for my sister's 50th birthday, which I am posting to her in Australia.  Next week, the order is being delivered for free, (I collected it this week) so I'm hoping it will be complete as I am quite new to online grocery shopping.

Later in the evening, I did a bit more of the kitchen declutter.  I went through my spice rack and threw out any old spices I no longer use and which have sat unused for several years, having lost their potency.  I also went through my main food cupboard and threw out any out of date items or put aside a couple of unopened in date items that we wont use to go to the food bank.  I washed up all the spice pots ready to decant some other regularly used spices into too.  I felt like I finally made some more progress with this project, doing little bits of decluttering as I went. The kitchen still needs a good clean and some of the cupboards still need a bit more decluttering, but I'm slowly but surely getting on with it.

Rainy days do have their advantages.


  1. I felt really miffed as my first day back in the shop was raining as we out a lot of goods outside to declutter the floorspace !

    however, I got a lot of tidying done so not a total waste !

    1. Not so good for you then. I imagine it keeps people from coming out shopping too.

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  2. While dark and dreary it has been here (today it is sunny and I watched the fog lift in the valley) we did not get any rain.

    I did stay inside though and got quite a bit accomplished. Not so much on the goal front, but on making the house presentable a great deal.

    1. Sometimes it's just got to be done. Have a good weekend.