Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Bit of a Jumble Sale

Last year, Little Bird joined in with our local neighbourhood Jumble Trail, whereby on a specified day households in the area can set up table top sales outside their house.

Jumble Trail organises this event and formulates a map of where each participant will be, provides flyers and posters that you can print off and put up in your window or distribute locally and publishes the map on line, so people interested in going along, can print it off and shop the table tops of all those taking part on the day.

There is a £5 donation required to cover the cost of this.  When I checked the website, there were already 109 participants signed up in our area and since registering, I get emails every time someone new signs up to our local event.  This is apparently the third year of the event locally.

It  was pretty successful in our area last year with 40+ participants taking part and Little Bird enjoyed joining in.  Because it is held on the day of our local weekly market, this means that there is often quite a lot of footfall which is good. When I saw the poster for this year's event, which is taking place here on 14th June, I immediately asked Little Bird if she wanted to take part, which she said she did. Last year, a school friend of hers, who lives next door took part, so together they set up their stalls and enjoyed earning a little bit of extra cash on their doorstep.

This is also a great way for us to try to re-home the proceeds of this month's decluttering. Although, much of it was taken to the Give and Take event last month, there is still a box full of books, Little Bird's old bike and DS console, OH's old Black and Decker Workmate, some pottery that I'd earmarked for donation, spare plants grown for the allotment, homemade cakes/biscuits/popcorn and lemonade, plus various other bits and pieces that we no longer want. It's a fun way to get rid of unwanted items and it certainly beats getting up at a ridiculously early hour on the weekend and humping it all to a car boot.

Do they have this event in your neighbourhood? Visit for more details to see if there is an event going on near you.


  1. When you talked about this event last year I thought it would be so much fun. Wish we had something similar to this here.

    God bless.

  2. Brilliant idea, does the entrance fee go to charity ? Hope all goes well x

    1. I think it goes towards admin/organisation/poster/flyer design costs.

    2. I think it goes towards admin/organisation/poster/flyer design costs.