Monday, 4 May 2015

Approved Food Organic/Natural Food Order

Following on from my post about last week's food shop, I also took delivery of an Approved Food order last week, which was made up of virtually entirely organic and natural products.  I was very disciplined and the only other items I bought were multiple packets of SnackaJacks, which are a very low fat rice snack (albeit a very salty one), that I like to eat with my salad's for lunch.

Here's a couple of pictures of the order before I put it all away.

In this first picture, it is mainly healthy snacks.  I got a great deal on 16 Organic Doves Farm Apple and Sultana flapjacks for £3, making them less than 20p each.  I had one for lunch on the day they arrived and they are very nice indeed.  These will go down well as an alternative to a dessert or for packed lunches.  Also, I managed to get 8 Nak'd Banana Crunch bars for £2.  I tried a little bit of one of these and they are really sweet.  (I bought some Nak'd date and cashew bars from Asda the other week and liked these a lot.) They are a good snack to have with a cup of tea when I get back from a dog walk.  I also got some organic wholewheat crispbreads (very tasty with peanut butter), gluten free breadsticks, organic wholemeal wraps, organic linguine, hint of lemon corn chips (seriously scrummy as a treat), bran flakes, digestive biscuits and white chilli beans, which will all be very useful store cupboard items.

In this next picture, you can see that I also bought a few household items such as toilet rolls and natural cleaners, which I will use once my current cleaners run out.  I did also buy a couple of natural medicinal products, which you can see in the first photo, namely some arnica cream and some Nelson's tea tree antiseptic cream, for adding to our medicine cabinet.  These are much more expensive in the Health Food shop.

I also bought some Bach's Rescue Remedy chewing gum, which I'm interested to try, as I love Rescue Remedy and have bought the chewy lozenges in the past. Not, however, since Little Bird kept eating them as sweets. Fortunately, as they are pretty natural, no harm was done, except to my wallet. I was very interested to try the gum and was very pleasantly surprised, as it has a lovely subtle taste. I really like it. It will be nice to keep a pack in my handbag for those stressful moments and days when I feel a bit gloomy or just fancy chewing a bit of gum.

These are a fairly new product in the range, with a liquid centre (although the centre of these didn't seem particularly liquid) and an orange and elderflower flavour. Have you ever tried Bach's Rescue Remedy?  I would recommend them as a pick me up tonic, if you're feeling a bit down.   I first used the drops after having Little Bird.  I remember them being recommended in a pregnancy magazine, for use if you were feeling stressed or anxious. They are definitely worth trying for the price, which is £6 or £7 per bottle for the drops.  The chewing gum is supposed to be £4-£5 or something similar, but I bought these for £1.49 per pack. Definitely a bargain.  I will be checking out AF's healthfood and organic lines in the future from time to time, as I was very pleased with everything I bought in this order.

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  1. Nakd bars are great with a cuppa, you got them at a great price. I'm trying, yet failing, to eat more healthily at the minute.