Friday, 29 May 2015

More (Relatively) Frugal Fun in the Half Term Holidays

Another activity that Little Bird decided she wanted to try this half term was making some pistachio and dark chocolate French macarons.  It was in part for her French homework and in part out of curiosity to make some. She found a recipe online and on a planned trip to ASDA to get some bits of shopping we needed, we picked up the ingredients that we didn't already have, namely quark and pistachio nuts.

I call this a relatively frugal activity in the title of this post, as the pistachio nuts weren't that frugal at £4 per bag, although not all of them were actually needed.

When we got home Little Bird got to work making the macarons.  She did pretty well, although some of the outer shells cracked very easily and they did end up being a little large, but for a first attempt I think she did great.

Here's a picture of some of her finished macarons.  I think to get them the green colour of the ones that you buy in the shops that you must have to use a food colouring, which she didn't on this occasion.

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