Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Home Again

After a weekend away in Yorkshire watching the Tour de Yorkshire and visiting family, we are now back in London and getting back to normal life.  As usual, it was a lovely break.  We rarely get good internet access where we stay, so tend to stay off the computer and my phone (phone signals are problematic too).  Three computer screen free days followed (I did watch some TV though) and I'm now feeling very relaxed and ready to get back to it all.

We arrived in Yorkshire quite late on the Friday evening due to the long drive up, and then sat about drinking tea and catching up with everyone's news before heading off to bed.  Saturday morning and everyone was up early, as several members of the household were off to set up some jumps for a local Pony Club show.  OH and Little Bird went along to help and after dropping them off, I headed into a nearby market town for a little mooch around.  (It would be the only chance I would get to go out and about, as OH was disappearing with the car the following day to enter a Tour de Yorkshire cycle sportif in Leeds). I enjoyed a couple of hours on the high street, popping in and out of the shops.  I did a bit of shopping in Wilkos, mostly household items.  I got a few treats for us all for the weekend in Tesco (fruit, wine and chocolates) and treated myself to a magazine with a free gift attached, before heading back to pick up the others and return to our hosts' house.

Later that afternoon, the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race passed very near to where we were staying, so we all walked up to the main road to watch it pass by in the blink of an eye.  The remainder of the day was spent relaxing, eating, drinking and enjoying the company of family members.

Sunday was the day that OH was heading off to his cycle event and he was getting up early to get to Leeds to be there for his alotted starting time.  We didn't accompany him, due to it being such an early start, and instead stayed behind and spent a quiet, but nice day hanging out around the house and garden.  It rained torrentially for most of the day, so I was quite pleased I hadn't gone to watch. By 4 pm he had returned, tired but happy.  He'd met up with more family members en route, so had had plenty of support for his efforts.

Monday, the sunniest day of our stay and half the household headed off to the Pony Club Show, whilst we had a leisurely breakfast, packed up the car and headed home to London.  Despite having had a good time, it's always lovely to get back home and after unpacking everything, I ran myself a lovely hot bath, climbed into my pyjamas and dressing gown and settled down for the evening to catch up with some blog reading.  Normal business resumes.


  1. Nice to be away but there's nothing quite like home.

  2. I like not having internet access when away xx

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    2. Me too. It really makes you feel like you've had a complete break.

    3. i've told them at the shop that I can't be contacted while away so the rota is up to them ! Off to Palma for a few days xx

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