Thursday, 7 May 2015

Getting Tough on Stuff in 2015 - April

This challenge, to declutter and remove 1000 things from our house in 2015, started off pretty slowly this month and took a while to gather any sort of momentum.  This was mainly due to the fact that I got distracted and procrastinated over starting my kitchen spring clean and declutter.

I did eventually get started and found a few things to declutter, but a large part of this month's items actually came from Little Bird, who completely off her own back decided to have a bit of a clear out of her room and part with about half of her soft toy collection and quite a few things from her wardrobe.

In addition, I carried out an impromptu attack on the build up of clutter in my sewing room, which has got progressively worse this year and I managed to find a good number of books and magazines that I no longer wanted to keep and that could be donated.

Many of them were quite old, from the 1970's or earlier, that I'd picked up at jumble sales and charity shops and were therefore a bit dated.  In addition, some weren't really crafts that I am actually interested in, so I decided to streamline my collection a little.

At the end of last month my total number of items decluttered so far this year stood at 412.  After collecting together another 96 items in April, the total now stands at 508 and I have reached the half way mark in this challenge, which is very satisfying indeed.

April and part of May's donations won't actually be going to the charity shop, however, as I'm taking them to a local Give and Take day this Saturday, where people can take them for free.  Hopefully, they will all go to a good home.

Next month, I intend to continue with the kitchen declutter, sort through the garden shed, which is full of things that came out of the house and generally just keep decluttering as I go along.  I'm enjoying the less cluttered feel of the house, and it is making it much easier both to clean and live in.


  1. My decluttering has seemed to slow way down. I am hoping to get a few more items out of the house as I go through my wardrobe. Something I should have done before changing clothing around, but I just wanted it done!!

    God bless.

    1. Yes, it's getting harder for me too, to find more things to declutter. I think May may be quite a bit slower, unless I get particularly ruthless.

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