Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Very Lean Week

This week is going to have to be a very, very, lean one, due to the fact that I have spent far too much money this month and need to really eek it out this week, to claw back some of the overspend.  It has been totally my own fault and I am in no way asking for any sympathy, as I frankly don't deserve any.  When I look at what I have purchased, there were some inessential things in there, that I could certainly have done without.  Quite a few purchases, however, were gifts and could not really be avoided, nor would I want to, it's just how things fell.

I think I went just a little bit mad on the organic/natural food front and spent way too much money in my initial enthusiasm for changing things up.  Some of it is still in the cupboard and freezer and will definitely come in useful this week.

As you have probably gathered by now, especially if you've been reading my blog for a while, once I get an idea in my head, I have to go jump right in there and throw myself into it, instead of a gradual movement in the chosen direction. I'm pretty impulsive and not the most patient/considered person on the planet, but it will balance itself out eventually, when the initial novelty wears off and I get my bearings proper.  I think I have just made several rather big changes in a very short space of time, and I can't deny that it has set me back financially in the short term, but will hopefully reap benefits for us all in the long term.

It's half term this week and I am definitely ready for it. Little Bird got back from her 3 day camping trip yesterday afternoon and was feeling very tired. She was most definitely looking forward to having a shower and sleeping in her own bed again.

We haven't really got any firm plans for half term week. We're just aiming to chill at home, with no fixed routine and not have to go anywhere for more than a day or at all, unless we really want to, as we have spent every half term/school holiday so far this year, travelling up to Yorkshire or elsewhere. We're certainly overdue a staycation.  We have a couple of possible day trips planned, but it depends on how OH is feeling, as he's had a nasty virus all this week and hasn't felt up to doing anything at all.  Hopefully, he'll be recovered by next week.

Inexpensive fun will definitely have to be the order of the day though, so I will need to get my thinking head on.


  1. I'm the same when I start something new, have to have it all.

  2. I do enjoy the way you throw yourself into new projects with gusto!