Tuesday, 12 May 2015

More Allotment Tales

It had been a couple of weeks since my last visit to the allotment, partly due to going away over the Bank Holiday weekend and getting out of my usual routine, so I was a bit concerned on entering the site on Sunday afternoon, as to what would await me, especially since we'd had quite a bit of rain and sunshine since my last visit and our garden had suddenly burst into life.  I was expecting the same at the allotment with lots of weed clearing needed.

When I got to the plot, the sight that met me wasn't too onerous.  The onions were coming along nicely,

as were the broad beans.  I nipped out the tender tips to prevent them getting attacked by blackfly and to make the plants stronger and healthier.  I always worry when I do this, but it invariably helps cropping and pest resistance.  I think I caught them just in time as the odd blackfly was starting to gather.

The lettuce seedlings need planting out around the plot.

I haven't had much luck this year germinating my favourite red curly lettuce.  I need to sow  another batch with some fresh seeds, but these lettuces do go to seed very quickly when the weather gets hot so I may not bother and just manage with the green this year.  Actually, I think what I may do, is sow some in a pot at home in the garden where I can keep a closer eye on them and use them before they go to seed.

The potatoes are doing well and could do with banking up when I get the chance.

The suede, turnip and purple sprouting broccolli have germinated too, which is all good. (It's hard to see from this photograph I'm afraid as the seedlings are so small).

I did a little weeding before coming away and picked a bunch of mint which is rampant towards the back of the plot.  I was limited as to what I could do, as I had come straight from the garden centre and didn't have all my usual tools with me.  It wasn't as bad as  I'd expected though which was a relief.  I'll pop back in the week and do more.


  1. i'm afraid my mint is taking over. I can see it in the grass ! Should have planted it in a pot I know x

    1. Yep, I'm feeling exactly the same way about mine. I keep cutting it back a bit but it keeps spreading into the paths and across the bed.

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