Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spoil Myself Sunday

Today, has been a day of doing very little, with just a hint of pampering thrown in for good measure. I did my usual morning dog walk, followed by attending my toughest exercise class of the week. Once home, we all had a stroll up to the market up the road, for the first time in months, and bought a few food items for lunch.

The afternoon was whiled away reading the Sunday papers and catching up on reading blog posts, followed by an impromptu mini pamper session, which, by the way, was long over due.

I very rarely have a long soak in the bath, but today, I just fancied one.  I few beautifying tasks were undertaken, including painting my toenails for the first time in months.  I've given up on painting my fingernails, as they can no longer take it and immediately start splitting.  I'm considering using a nail strengthener to build them up, so that I can start to wear varnish again at some point in the future. (Any suggestions or advice on this point will be gratefully received)

I put on some lovely slouchy clothes and a brand new roasty pair of bamboo socks I received for Christmas. Here they are in a lovely deep pink colour.

I was given quite a few pairs of lovely socks this year and I'm enjoying wearing them.  My sock drawer has had a cull as a consequence.  I'm really starting to realise that it is these small things in life that make all the difference.

We ended the evening, fire blazing, bowl of nuts in shells left over from Christmas and favourite tipple in hand (no dry January here), catching up on a couple of episodes of a new to us BBC 4 French police drama called Spiral. We missed it last night on account of our visit to the cinema to see The Theory of Everything.  Incidentally, it was a really good film, which I would heartily recommend.

Hoping you've had a lovely Sunday.


  1. Sounds blissful. We had a lovely walk along the beach - Lovely Bamboo socks; my sock drawer needs culling !

    1. Thanks Penny. A nice beach walk sounds bracing and refreshing.

  2. A Pamper Day was a wonderful idea. I am glad you took advantage and used it as such.

    I am loving those bright pink socks.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I hope you had a lovely Sunday too.