Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Freebie Magazine Subcription Arrives

Just before Christmas, I needed to renew my monthly subscription to Prima magazine.  I subscribe using my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, so never actually pay for the magazine, which is a nice treat, as it is just about the only magazine I get.  (Apart from very occasional purchases of other magazines).  It has a bit of everything in it: fashion, beauty, home, craft, food, etc., so suits me well and also provides free sewing patterns which is a major appeal.

After re-subscribing, and then using some vouchers to obtain a Christmas gift magazine subscription for a friend, I still had some vouchers left over.  There were just enough to arrange a subscription to a relatively new magazine that I've never read before, namely Landscape.

It was a bit different to magazine's I've subscribed to in the past, but does cover quite a few subjects of interest: gardening, food, craft, places to visit, nature, etc. etc.

It is published every two months, so my subscription is only for 6 copies, but I received my first copy (Mar/Apr issue)  today, which was quite exciting.  I had a flick through and there are some quite interesting articles in there, that I will probably go back and read at some point.

It makes a nice change to receive a magazine that focuses on very different topics to those that I would normally read, and even better when you don't need to pay for it and it gets delivered to your door.

There is  quite a definite focus on nature, gardening, the seasons and the countryside, which living in London, is quite refreshing and ties in well with my aim to keep things simple this year.  It will be interesting to see what future issues hold.


  1. Enjoy your free treat.

    God bless.

  2. Oooh, that looks good, I'd be interested to have another review when you've read a few editions.