Friday, 2 January 2015

Getting Tough with Stuff in 2015

In recent posts, I've been focusing a lot on decluttering and so as not to bore you too much, this will be the last post on this subject for a while, but this year I'm determined to finally get to grips with the clutter in our house.  I got some of the way there this last year and turned a corner by bringing a lot less into the house, but there is definitely still a long way to go with regard to reducing what is already there, so this year, I'm concentrating on 'getting tough with stuff'.

I was inspired partly by how it has felt to give away excess 'stuff' for the Reverse Advent Challenge in December, and partly by reading an article link on Joshua Becker's blog Becoming Minimalist about a woman who, initially sceptical about minimalism, after a chance encounter with Joshua Becker, decided to try to reduce the clutter in her home by 1000 items and found out that once she'd done this, it did in fact make her life feel much lighter.  So, the challenge I've set myself in 2015 is to remove at least 1000 items from my home that we no longer use, need, want or like. 

In case you're thinking that 1000 items sounds a lot, I do have the whole of the coming year in which to complete this challenge, and the items included will probably include both small no longer used or wanted household items and items of clothing, as well as larger items, so I don't think reaching this total will be too much of a problem, but we'll see.

I'm going to keep a  record just for myself of what I remove from the house.  I'm not talking bits of scrap paper or rubbish.  I'm talking non-personal usable items that can be donated elsewhere.  I'm hoping that by setting myself this goal, it will help ensure that I stick to my intention to properly pare things back this year and if I find it easy to meet my target or on the other hand struggle to meet it, I am allowing myself the opportunity to alter this figure before the year is out.   I do, however, get the feeling that getting rid of clutter might become a tad addictive.  I'll post regularly about my progress, letting you know how many things I have decluttered each month, so look out for a new series of monthly posts on this subject.

Does anyone fancy joining me in this challenge?


  1. Seriously contemplating joining you in this. There is a great deal of "stuff" in this house. Removing it from here could give me a bit more peace, as I wouldn't be moving items from one storage place to another.

    One of my extra cleaning jobs this month is setting up a donation box. I don't know if I could get rid of 1000 items, but will try.

    God bless.

    1. Hi, Jackie, You could always set yourself a lower target. This one isn't set in stone, but I thought it might motivate me to get a bit more serious about it.