Saturday, 24 January 2015

Digging the Vlogging Vibe

In the last couple of weeks  I've found myself a new obsession.  It was probably borne of trying to distract myself from getting on with my tax return and other important paperwork that needed attending to, but I am often guilty of such subterfuge and self delusion.

Anyway,  as I said I've acquired a new obsession, which is watching YouTube vlogs or video channels.  It started after we bought my daughter Loella's new book 'Girl Online' for Christmas, which she really enjoyed reading.  Now I know that there has been some controversy over this book, as it was supposedly ghost written, but any book that gets my daughter reading, and more to the point enjoying it,  has to have something going for it, regardless of how it was written and marketed, so I'm certainly not going to criticise.  Besides, I'm a live and let live kind of girl at heart and who am I to pass judgement on anyone else.

As a consequence of the above, the whole vlogging thing kind of aroused my curiosity and the fact that I've read and heard a few things in newspapers and on the radio about the popularity of some of this young generation of vloggers. I decided to take a look at Loella's vlog myself.  I must admit that I kind of enjoyed watching her. She's sweet, pretty, cute and quirky and I find her very entertaining.  I can perfectly understand why she has 7 million viewers of her videos on YouTube.

Having dipped my toe in the vlogging scene, I decided to probe further and seek out a few more vloggers who were worth watching, and I must admit I've become a bit obsessed in the past week or so. I know this obsession will settle down, it always does, and I may even get over it entirely.

What I like about the vlogging community, is that it is slightly more animated and three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional format of blogging. (Please note that I still love blogging above all else and don't intend to stop writing or reading).  In addition, vloggers tend to post once a week, with videos which are around 10 to 15  minutes long or thereabouts, so it doesn't really involve that much time, once you've stopped watching their back catalogue that is.

I must admit that most of the vloggers I've come across so far are quite a lot younger than me, have a heavy bias toward beauty and fashion vlogging, and are very pretty and girly.  This hasn't, however, stopped me enjoying their work.

Here's a list of my favourites thus far.  Check these out on YouTube if you get the chance or are in the slightest interested. (These may be subject to change over time)

1)      Diaryofaspendaholic (surprise, surprise, that I would like a vlog of this name!) - Mikhaila (I think) vlogs  on this channel.  She's around 29 years of age with two children and I find her videos very down to earth. She says what she thinks about the products she reviews, which is quite refreshing and the content is mixed, fashion, beauty, home, everyday stuff.  Very watchable.

2)     Fleurdeforce (this links to her blog but if you search her name on YouTube you will find her videos) - another beauty/fashion/home vlogger.  Very polished, dog lover, but also very watchable.

3)     Zoella - Beauty is the main focus of this channel, but Zoella also vlogs on MoreZoella about fashion, home, friends and her life with boyfriend Alfie Deyes of the Pointless vlog.

4)    Sprinkle of Glitter - Zoella's friend Louise, who is a mum of one and blogs about fashion and beauty and other things on this channel.  Also very sweet, good hearted, down to earth and very watchable.

5)    NiomiSmart - Niomi too vlogs about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, but I find with a slightly healthier, alternative vibe.  She seems to be into organic products, juicing and a healthy lifestyle.

Many of these vloggers are well known to each other as well as within the YouTube community, and they often collaborate on videos and socialise together, which can give the impression of cliquishness, (this can be the case amongst bloggers too, might I add), albeit in a very good natured way. I, personally, tend not to watch the videos of  all the ins and outs of their relationships, and tend instead to just enjoy the individual videos on subjects that interest me personally.

One thing I quite like about most of these vlogs is that they all do regular hauls, whereby they vlog about what they have bought on recent shopping trips.  This may not appeal at all to many people who are not interested in shopping, but I quite enjoy it.  It can be a treat if you yourself are not going shopping due to financial constraints, as you can live vicariously through their videos, without spending any money at all.  (Very frugal!)

What I really like about these vloggers is their confidence and entrepreneurial spirit.  Yes, they do sponsored videos and yes, they are often plugging things they are sent to review, but good for them that they are putting themselves out there and making a living for themselves. (Even if sometimes I think they are possibly exploited and manipulated in the process). I personally am finding their vlogs quite informative on some subjects, such as beauty products, of which I have very little knowledge.

For the moment these are the main vlogs I have been watching.  I haven't yet found any that are created by people nearer my own age and circumstances.  If you know of any that are worth watching and following, please let me know and I'll check them out.


  1. I don't think I'd be capable of vlogging - I'm sure I wouldn't be able to talk so long!

    1. I imagine it takes more talk than you think to use up 10 minutes of film.

  2. I haven't really watched many vlogs, but the couple that I watched were interesting. I don't think I would be able to do one.

    God bless.

    1. Me neither. I don't even like seeing myself when I'm on Skype to my sister in Australia, so I don't think I'd ever be comfortable vlogging myself.