Thursday, 29 January 2015

Latest In Beauty - Glamour Party Beauty Box Edit

Following on from my recent posts about beauty routines and videos, I have been a little naughty this week and treated myself to a beauty box from Latest in Beauty.  I have been toying with the idea of subscribing to a beauty box for a while now, in an attempt to try out new to me beauty products, that I otherwise just wouldn't find out about.  As a consequence of watching quite a few beauty vloggers, however, I noticed that they all seemed to be unsubscribing to beauty boxes, as they no longer felt very satisfied with what they were receiving.

I Googled 'Best Beauty Boxes' (as you do before embarking on a new venture) to get some advice on the subject and came across an article by Elle magazine on the Top Beauty Boxes to buy.  In it, they listed several of the boxes that I'd heard mentioned in videos i.e. Birch Box, My Little Beauty Box, etc. as well as Latest in Beauty, an online company which offers one off box collections that you can purchase without subscribing for 3, 6 or 12 months.  In addition, you can see more or less exactly what you will get before purchasing.  I decided that rather than spend the same amount of money for 4 or 5 mystery items that I might not like or use, which is what you get with most other monthly boxes, I would buy a one off Glamour Party Beauty Box Edit from Latest in Beauty, which has been collated in conjunction with Glamour magazine.

This box contains 13 different items, some sample sizes, some larger or full size and a very varied selection of skincare, hair care and makeup products, both from brands I had heard of and brands I hadn't.  As there was a January sale on this particular box, you could get 20% off, which made the box very good value at £13.49 and there was no postage charge on top.  I signed up for this box and should be receiving my first beauty box in the next few days.  Here's a link to the site in case anyone is interested. There are several collections which I believe they change every couple of months and this was the least expensive, but most interesting and relevant to me personally.

These boxes might also be a good gift idea for anyone who is interested in beauty products and you can collate your own box from an interesting and varied selection of sample and full size products, ranging in price from £1 upwards.  I may try this option in future, as it is a very useful concept and it might be fun to collate a small surprise box for Little Bird at some point.

In deciding to purchase this box, I reasoned that any products I don't want, like or wish to use, I can pass on to Little Bird or give away as gifts, to people whom I think might like them.  Although I don't get to experience the suspense and excitement of not knowing what is in the box, I also don't get any disappointing surprises either and I don't have to buy another box if I'm not satisfied with what I receive. Perfect. Can't wait for it to arrive now.

I'll post again when I receive it.

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